Legacy of the Confederation (Single Player Campaign)

Welcome to Legacy of the Confederation ("LotC")'s base of operations on SC2 Mapster. LotC first appeared in 1999 and 2000 with 21 missions for a primary single player campaign, fully voiced. A mini-campaign ("Fallen Angel") was created a couple years later. We have now resumed work on the LotC campaign for SC2

If you want to 'see' the SC 1 / BW campaigns without having to spend hours of technical maneuvering to get them to work on your system, please refer to our community reviewer JayBorino's channel.

- LotC Episode 1 (Past Purposes)

- LotC Episode 2 (Dawn of Darkness)

- LotC Mini-Campaign (Fallen Angel)

- PC Gamer Article Referencing LotC Back in the Day

"...Legacy of the Confederation is so gripping that many consider it as good as Brood War..." - Quote from PC Gamer Article

If you want to give the campaigns a 'go', you can visit CampaignCreations.org (at the links above) for the downloads. (If you have issues getting the files set up, JayBorino also has a great tutorial written about this). Just remember you will need the original StarCraft 1 and Broodwar games installed regardless of any other technical wizardry is required.


Click THIS LINK as a quick gimmie.

Destiny Awaits.


Want More Info? It's Nothing Newly Posted, however when the campaign was in production in 2010, here are some YouTube links to give you a teaser of things to come.

Link to YouTube video which shows how the first mission of LotC: Episode 2 might play out in SC2 vs. SC1

It will be awhile before this Episode actually hits cyberspace in any form. We decided to move forward with Episode 1 after all and complete the entire series of LotC in SC2 after we began work on Strike First, Striker Harder (The Mission Title for Episode 2's opener).

FMV Teaser from 2009 (The First Teaser Released for LotC)

Link to first draft of buildings that might appear in LotC. After further review, these buildings will be moved to Episode 1 for use in the Past Purposes campaign and Episodes 2 and 3 will have a different set of buildings



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