Starcraft: In(Re)surrection

This project is inactive and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of StarCraft II. The author may have abandoned it, or it may have outlived its usefulness.

Current Status Mission 1-4 finished terraining.


  • How this campaign came about?

I was watching jay borinos playthrough on insurrection and after the first few mission i realized why this campaign was never remade by someone else. Watching more and more *random guy: are u crazy?* i got convinced that with a little bit of creativity and work one could transform this into something much more. I told myself: Hey u get the gameplay,dialogue even voice actors...why not change it yourself? I went to work and the more i researched the more i realized im facing an impossible task.


  • What this campaign is about
  • random guy: What is this tell me!* Easy there buddy. This campaign is set in the broodwar era (offers same units). Story: "A group of politicians who arent happy how thing are run within the government have formed a rebel group called "Fist of Redemption". At the helm of the government lies atticus carpenter a scrupulous man who will not stop until every zerg is obliterated form existence.. Bill Constantine (now a traitor and wanted man and brother of atticus) has been given a shot to fight his brother and the confederacy itself." It will offer 7 missions each per campaign starting with terran and finishing with zerg (For the swarm!).Yep you heard it right! JACK FROST IS BACK BOYS! Unfortunately tsuname had a "accident" and couldn't make it. R.I.P. tsuname u crazy bastard!
  • random guy: why would i play this??* Im glad u asked random guy! I wont say things like: this campaign offers amazing this and that gameplay! The game will speak for itself once its done. All i can say that i added variety to missions. You will see brood war units and new stuff... u wont be able to play vulture *random guy: why?* Uh their model is so ugly. I will try to make the missions have variety so its not all kill everything kinda map ala original insurrection.


I just want to clarify: This is not insurrection per se. I have rewritten this script so much the only thing left are names and places/planets. I took liberty to steal names from this campaign and maybe a map idea or two but thats it. Once this campaign comes to life u wont recognize barely a thing. Given that i discarded a lot of story i couldn't use any voice acting and neither any of the sahara desert locations.

The original insurrection: Im sorry for those fans out there who liked this campaign but i give u an advice. U have maps that are stretched to eternity with no detail. U have gameplay that consist 98% of kill everything. You have a tame story with weird silly characters. Than u ask yourself why make it? If u have to kick a lot of stuff out until there almost nothing left why not do something new?

Missions Progress

Terran Campaign

  • Mission 1 - ??? (Terraining finished)
  • Mission 2 - ??? (Terraining finished)
  • Mission 3 - ??? (Terraining finished)
  • Mission 4 - ??? (Terraining finished)
  • Mission 5 - ??? (Planning)
  • Mission 6 - ??? (Planning)

Protoss Campaign


Zerg Campaign



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