The Hungry Baneling [rpg?]

An RPG unlike any you have played before:

On the fringe of space, the rogue cerebrate Glummoth battles against a joint Terran and Protoss military alliance.

Unlike other cerebrates who are content to use what the Overmind has left them, Glummoth has continued the Overmind's evolutionary experiments to bolster his forces. Just as the Overmind's experiments succeeded in creating the mighty Queen of Blades, Glummoth's years of experiments have finally yielded his own mighty warrior; The Hungry Baneling!

Created with one purpose in mind, The Hungry Baneling consumes all in its path, friend and foe alike.

The more you eat, the more you grow. The more you grow, the more you can eat!



  • Tripled the Reaper spawn at the second Terran base.
  • Intro can now be skipped by pressing any button.
  • Press "tab" to toggle on/off the game UI, (game UI will reset to being on every time Glummoth speaks to you, just hit tab to turn it off again.)
  • Turning off the game UI will create a small health display in the bottom left .
  • Increased Omega Hydra and Omega Construct Damage.


  • Added a ton of extra food, (err, I mean enemies,) to the map.
  • Added a bit to the intro so it tours you across the map (gives folks a view of the route ahead of them. can be skipped by pressing the space bar.)
  • Adjusted load screen to mention the WASD movement.


  • Now Localized!
  • pulled camera back a tad per request.
  • extended distance at which sound can be heard even further.


  • Removed two test units I forgot to take out of V1.2
  • Sound no longer fades out to nothingness as you get really big.


  • Added WASD movement per request (warning tho, the computer doesn't realize you can eat units so the pathing will sometimes be a lil off)
  • Fixed a bug I noticed where The Hungry Baneling both rolled and walked at same time.
  • Replaced Omega Hydra weapon with Omega Construct weapon (so instead of shooting a projectile which you eat, it actually damages you)
  • Increased difficulty: Eating heals you for a smaller % of your total health as you grow in size. (heals for at most 5% initially, and at least 2% once you've eaten 1100 morsels)


  • Adjusted the color of various words throughout the game.
  • Changed name of "hive" to "Glummoth"
  • Fixed clipping issue with camera (Smooth camera now, yay!)
  • Added optional, "Camera follow The Hungry Baneling." Just hit space to toggle this on or off.
  • Replaced "Omega Roach" spawn with "Omega Construct" spawn.
  • Gave the various player forces names (in lieu of "player 1," "player 2," etc.)
  • Added more doodads to the terrain

YouTube video made by Kaikulu displaying version 1.0 of The Hungry Baneling


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