The Hungry Baneling [RPG?] V1.6


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    May 8, 2010
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  • Tripled the Reaper spawn at the second terran base.
  • Intro can now be skipped by pressing any button.
  • Press "tab" to toggle on/off the game UI, (game UI will reset to being on every time Glummoth speaks to you, just hit tab to turn it off again.)
  • Turning off the game UI will create a small health display in the bottom left .
  • Increased Omega Hydra and Omega Construct Damage.


  • Added a ton of extra food, (err, I mean enemies,) to the map.
  • Added a bit to the intro so it tours you across the map (gives folks a view of the route ahead of them. can be skipped by pressing the space bar.)
  • Adjusted load screen to mention the WASD movement.


  • Now Localized!
  • pulled camera back a tad per request.
  • extended distance at which sound can be heard even further.


  • Removed two test units I forgot to take out of V1.2
  • Sound no longer fades out to nothingness as you get really big.


  • Added WASD movement per request (warning tho, the computer doesn't realize you can eat units so the pathing will sometimes be a lil off)
  • Fixed a bug I noticed where The Hungry Baneling both rolled and walked at same time.
  • Replaced Omega Hydra weapon with Omega Construct weapon (so instead of shooting a projectile which you eat, it actually damages you)
  • Increased difficulty: Eating heals you for a smaller % of your total health as you grow in size. (heals for at most 5% initially, and at least 2% once you've eaten 1100 morsels)


  • Adjusted the color of various words throughout the game.
  • Changed name of "hive" to "Glummoth"
  • Fixed clipping issue with camera (Smooth camera now, yay!)
  • Added optional, "Camera follow The Hungry Baneling." Just hit space to toggle this on or off.
  • Replaced "Omega Roach" spawn with "Omega Construct" spawn.
  • Gave the various player forces names (in lieu of "player 1," "player 2," etc.)
  • Added more doodads to the terrain
  • The Hungry Baneling sometimes has pathing Issues when trying to reach units on cliffs (only early in game, before he gets ability to scale cliffs)
  • WASD keys often have pathing issues. WASD keys often fail to jump up and down cliffs.
  • Several missile attacks will actually feed the Hungry Baneling. any attack for which you see a missile projective flying through the air, that projectile counts as a unit and will be eaten (healing you instead of hurting you.) Not sure how to exempt missiles from being eaten, so I put more emphasis on enemies with non-missile attacks.
  • Can now hear sound from across the map (in case you leave any surviving terran or toss out there to shoot up the zerg while you are away)
  • Might experience lag during the intro camera work.