The Hungry Baneling Sequels

I have begun development on a pair of sequels to The Hungry Baneling. Both will be multiplayer and odds are neither will emerge until after SC2 officially launches on July 27th as I want to make use of all of the additional units which will become available.

The first of these two projects will be a true direct sequel and will feature multiplayer co-op play. The game will be longer, and you will start much much smaller, somewhere between the size of a shoe and a dog. Here is a brief synopsis of the games story.

"The Hungry BanelingS: A Second Serving.

On the fringe of space a joint Terran and Protoss Alliance waged war upon the rogue Cerebrate Glummoth. The battle was fierce and without respite, losses were heavy. The Terran force sent out calls for reinforcements and the planet Nostromo answered by dispatching a fleet in support.

But when the fleet arrived, the planet was gone. Destroyed or consumed by the war which had been fought upon it. The only traces of what had transpired were microbial spores drifting through space.

Samples of spores were collected and brought home with the fleet to Nostromo to be studied at INGEN laboraties located outside of the planets capital city. Sure enough, the spores began to develope. They grew in size, they grew in hunger, they grew into HUNGRY BANELINGS!

On day 7 of the experiments an absent minded professor knocks over a container of small freshly hatched HUNGRY BANELINGS. And with this careless act, the feast has begun!"

The other sequel will be a multiplayer ffa style map where you compete with other players and have a variety of new abilities at your disposal. This map is very much in an early stage of development and I would love to hear idea's and suggestions on what y'all would like to see included in the game.


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