Heroes and Generals

Still looking for beta testers. Friend me in game (Cwin), leave your in game info in the comments, or just play the map and leave me some feedback comments on this page.

Not your average DotA clone. Heroes and Generals is the evolution of the DotA concept. The map features dynamic wave selection and control, eight innovative heroes, enhanced hero customization using talent trees, buyable mercenaries and upgrades, capturable objectives, and the ability to save your hero for the next game.

When the game starts players choose between playing macro or micro on either the the Zerg or Terran team. The macro players will harvest resources, build units for the waves, upgrades, expand, and base defenses. The micro players will each control a hero unit and may purchase a small amount of mercenary units and upgrades. The hero units will level through the course of the game and may be upgraded through the hero's talent tree.

Each team will attempt to kill the leader unit (Kerrigan or The Hybrid) located in the opposing team's base to win the game. If no team has won by the time the "Bases Move Out" timer reaches zero, both leaders along with all remaining units in each base will move to the center of the map.

Also I just wanted to say thanks to everyone on mapster that has helped with this map: ArcadeRenegade, Zifoon, OneTwoSC, ProzaicMuze, Shinoogie12, B0ne123, Mathck, Chiquihuite, Bifuu, Marikh7,TheAlmaity, RileyStarcraft, LCC45, and BorgDragon


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