Hell TD

Remake of the WCIII map Hell TD

-==Now in Beta phase==-

Current features:

  • 40 Creep Waves
  • 1-8 Players
  • Players vote for difficulty on map start! (70 / 85 / 100 / 120 % Creep HP)
  • Lives are calculatet at the beginning the following way: 20+(Players*5)!
  • Enemy kills give money based on current wave!
  • Your income is shared with your neighbour!
  • Typing "-getlost" will destroy every tower in your territory that isn't your own! (To HELL with these kill stealers ;D)
  • You can sell your tower for 75% of what you paid including upgrade costs!
  • Vote kick system to kick noobs/afk/whatever reason!


  • Anti-Air Turret (Level 1-10)
  • Arrow Tower (Level 1-20)
  • Bouncing Tower (Level 1-20)
  • Chaos Tower (Level 1-20)
  • Siege Tower (Level 1-20)
  • Stormy Tower (Level 1-10)
  • Flaming Trap (Level 1-2)
  • Frosty Tower (Level 1-2)
  • Upgrade Tower
    • Speed Buff Tower (Level 1-3)
    • Damage Buff Tower (Level 1-3)

Planned additional features of coming final version:

  • Sorted Leaderboard for a proper view who has the most kills

(Original WCIII map by SuPeR-HuMaN and Raigne, edited by ZzyzzyxX)

Feedback is always appreciated, may it be suggestions for further additions you would like to see or bug reports.


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