SC2 - Purifier Protoss Praetor Talis (V2)


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    SC2 - Purifier Protoss Praetor
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    Mar 5, 2018
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SC2 - Purifier Protoss Praetor Talis (V2)

   Updated version of Praetor Talis' custom Purifier adept hero model based on from her appearance in the SC2 co-op missions. Includes icon, custom textures, hero icon, unit model, and wireframes.

NOTE: Credits goes to WingedArchon  for the Talon Forged Adept model for I have it used as a basis to remake Talis' adept hero model in order to fix the issue on game crash when the model is tested as well as the weapon and volume attachments.

   After the death of Daelaam Praetor Talis on the planet of Atrias, the Purifiers created an AI construct of Talis modeled after from the brain scans and appearance of the original Daelaam Protoss Praetor. By the time of the later stages of the End War, She fought under the command of Purifier Executor Clolarion and Talandar, and the body she currently inhabits is a prototype and modified model of the Purifier Adept. Later, the Purifier prototype adept body of Talis was used as a basis for the creation of the mass-produced versions of the Purifier adepts that will be refined by the Daelaam Phase-smith Karax and these AI warriors will become central figured in Purifier armies, impressing those who see them with their agility and refinement.