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Based off of the book series by George R.R. Martin and done in the style of the good old grand strategy games like Azeroth Wars from Warcraft 3. The map consists of Westeros and a restructured Essos to allow for more players. The game is played with basic footmen units, that you can upgrade and improve with researches and events. The game will feature a grand diplomacy system allowing multiple events to be triggered through a custom dialog interface, a family tree panel that allows for hero management, and a dynamic events system that will reward completion of objectives with increased stats for your units. The goal is to either take 70% of the map, or complete all objectives necessary to achieve a personal victory. When you complete all house objectives, you can choose to either leave the game in victory or keep playing to assist allies and defeat enemies.


  • Morale and Objective systems that increases your units hp whenever certain conditions are met, such as nearby heroes, wielding a legendary item, having more allies, fighting near a fort, or completing primary objectives.
  • Custom Family Tree dialog menus that allow you to manage your current heroes or trade goods to other players
  • Veterancy system that makes each unit a hero
  • Most heroes can be ressed, though some will die forever or turn to other factions, most will be replaced with new heroes and no house will ever have less than 2 at a time.
  • Small naval system, that detects when units are in water, and replaces their model file while slowing movement speed for aquatic travel. The map has been opened up by these water channels to travel from Westeros to Essos and around strategic holds with greater ease.
  • Most of the game is handled within the data editor, such as units, upgrades, income, supply, etc and triggers only come into play for events and dialogs.

Patch Notes

1.2=== (current)

  • Huge updates as I began work on this game again
  • Game is now mostly playable, the vast majority of bugs and issues have been worked out
  • Night's Watch have been added as a playable house with their own events and heroes
  • Multiple game attributes added to control menaces, nights watch, game speed, hero unlocks, etc
  • Massive rework on the family tree and diplomacy menues, they are now 1 menu and can be seamlessly swapped between
  • Simplified many diplomacy options and drastically cut back on cluttered extras
  • Morale and upgrades work properly now
  • New, less-intrusive objective system that can be accessed via the Family Tree menu (O) is the hotkey
  • New heroes and events for almost every player, most if not all work fine now
  • Massive artwork update for hero profiles, unit models, spell effects, icons and general actor data
  • The map will now size itself depending on the houses currently in the game
  • All objectives have been made more dynamic, re-enact your favourite scenes from the series or create whole new ones.
  • UI cleaned up drastically to improve overall visual appeal
  • Veterency levels redone for all units
  • Many items reworked for balance reasons
  • Finally, FINALLY, wildfire should no longer be dealing wtf broken damage (it was registering as melee dmg which scales on the hero using it)
  • New Game Attribute allows you to control more than 3 heroes, but be warned, it could be horribly imbalanced. (not all houses have access to the same amount of heroes)
  • White Walkers, Wildlings, Dothraki, Pirates, Stone Men and Wights have all been added as hostile units
  • Game now broken down to Chapters, (from 1-8, 8 being the End)
  • Heroes now come in three types (Fighter, Tactician, and Provisioner)
  • Items can now be picked up in water
  • Slight change in terrain textures (snow in the North, ice on The Wall, sand in the desserts)
  • Now requires 7 victory points to win
  • Alternate win conditions of taking more than 60% of the map, or holding King's Landing at the end of game
  • Rally points can now be set from Capitals
  • Hero ressing redone and fixed
  • Night's King now attacks at the end of days
  • Mance Rayder now attacks with his wildling host


Footman model by Triceron

House sigils by:

Hero Art by:

Cartoon Hero Art by:


Feedback to help improve it is much appreciated


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