Extra Cheese [Cat n Mouse]

An example of what a cat n mouse map can be in SC2. It's not balanced out and lacks units but the core is done.

This map is for multiplayer only, the best is to have 4 players or more otherwise it's not balanced. As a mouse your goal is to kill the cat with units bought from the minerals you gathered. Use pylons and any means to escape the cats while your teammates gather minerals. You can revive dead mouse players by touching their symbol in the middle of the map. The cats job is to eliminate every mouse using brute force and units that he can buy from minerals he got for killing a mouse.

You can warp in (buy) units as a mouse or cat. The cat can only warp in around himself and the mouse can only use the pylons radius.

How to improve:
Adding diversity to the gameplay via units and abilities while maintaining balance.


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