Defense of the 4 Ancient Kingdoms

2010 18 Sept (revised 2011 14th August

8 players from 4 factions battle for dominance on a newly terraformed planet!

  • This is a 4 faction MOBA that's capable of 4v4, 1v1v1v1, 2v2v2v2, and other player modes. Third person mode (with WASD) and Default game view modes supported (lock/unlock camera).

Optional questing areas for each faction that award a lot of experience and money early in the game (and eventually unlock world bosses). 9 balanced heroes with RPG style gameplay. 6-7 abilities/passives per hero, with 12 talent upgrades and 194 items. Each level you get to choose 1 stat points (intelligence, agility, strength, crit, lifestealing, haste) which give your hero a significant damage/survivability increase. Heroes at level 10-12 will always do 8x more damage than a level 1. All heroes have a group buff/aura, a heal (or a good reason to not need one) and some form of crowd control like a disarm, stun, pushback, summon decoy, snare, blind, slow

In lock camera mode, hold left click or middle click to rotate camera/turn your hero.

DOTA 4 Kingdoms Map


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