Executioner - Tal'darim Arbiter (FIXED)


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    Feb 24, 2024
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First upload has a wrongly named texture. Now it should be fixed. If you downloaded the first file, please take the texture "ExecutionerDSportrait_diffuse.dds" from this file and add it to your map/mod, so the portrait works properly.


"The Tal'darim who come to posession of Arbiters decorate them in their own style and grant them to the most powerfull Blood Hunters, know as the Executioners, who use the vessel's systems to bring Highlord's justice."


Diff and spec textures were made by Ordinator for his Elite Tal'darim Arbiter, so credit goes to him.


Ability & Upgrade ideas:


- Stasis field - Classic stasis field. Can be upgraded with "Crushing stasis" upgrade that makes the stasis crystals shrink over time, gradually dealing damage to enemies caught.


- Executioner's might - Passive ability, increases weapon and ability damage of friendly units around the Executioner.


- Warp grab - Utilize the recall technology to grab a group of enemies from any visible location on the map and move them to Executioner's position.


- Execute - Ultimate, high energy cost ability that instantly kills an enemy non-objective unit.


- Executioner's Axe - Passive ability, Executioner's attacks deal more damage than Arbiter's attacks. Additionally they deal 200% more damage to units bellow 30% hp. (Visually I like using the attack missile from Vanguard's scatter cannon with increased size, looks quite good IMO).



- Unit model

- Death model

- Warp In & Warp In Stargate models (Both in blue and red variants)

- Placement models (Red & Blue)

- Portrait model & Static portrait

- Hero icon, Unit icon, Wireframe & Shield wireframes

- 6 Ability and upgrade icons

- Red photon cannon / Arbiter missile & impact models

- Red stasis field shockwave and impact models

- Red effects for Recall ability (4 models).


Recommended portrait lighting: Portrait - Dark Voice