Custom Leveler Example Map for Version 0.9


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    Dec 19, 2012
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Update Notes~


Major Updates are Numbers

Minor Updates are Letters

Case Determines importance of minor updates.


1. Level added to boss bars for easier, less confusing, tracking of level by either the player or programmer as it is used.

2. Functionality settings added to the setting AD (and variables of course). Functionalities work like so:

-Show/Hide allows the player to choose when the boss bars are hidden or visable. The level of the hero is also shown.

-Best Performance disallows the boss bars from being shown.

-Original disallows the boss bars from being hidden.The level of the hero is also no longer shown.

-Hidden disallows all UI aspects, prevents boss bars from refreshing, and instead internally calculates all values.

A. Boss bars are only refreshed when visable. This visibility is decided by a boolean for each player. Boss bars also refreshed when the boss bars are shown again to prevent bugs. To prevent abuse, there is a 2 second wait between each open/close. This can be reduced or increased to suit your needs.

B. Show/Hide functionality implemented. After testing, having boss bars hidden reduces lag spikes and overall lag while using the system.

a. Font Style added to Set Variables Action Definition.

b. A few minor code additions/recodes.

Have not tried on all 15 players or online.

Although lag is virtually a non-issue, the more you have going on as the library gives EXP and decides if you need to level the more lag you will have exponentially.

As a precaution, make sure to try to level a unit while you have at least 3 other high intensity triggers running. To test if it will run in your map under heavy strain.

Use and edit at own discretion.