Cannon Defense

You has to survive for 9minutes and 30secondes to all waves. There are 15 waves and the last one is an attacking wave so the unit will try to destroy all your building. Every 10 kills you do, you recieve 1mineral. 1 Cannon cost 1 mineral. 8 Towers Upgrades !! But NOTE : Only Photon Cannon can detect invisible

This Version is the solo Version. That mean its lot easier and its only one player. July 27th im gonna release the Multiplayer Version.

Multiplayer Version New Feature :

  • 4 Player mode.
  • More Unit in each wave.
  • Less Mineral at beginning.
  • Will have to survive longer.
  • Leaderboard to see how many u got.
  • Increase health of units
  • Add Waves.

And Maybe more ! Will depend how long to add those things.

Feature that will appear in v0.5 :

  • More Towers Upgrade.
  • Bug fixed from older version.
  • Will balance Tower price and units Health. (If there is a problem with it)

I would like some FeedBack about the solo version to have an idea about what to fix and what to change. Well Thank to post a comment with Bugs and/or Suggestion.

Here is a Picture of the Current Solo Version

Current Version : Solo 0.4 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Changelog v0.4

  • Added Forge Tower Upgrade.
  • Added Cyber Tower Upgrade.
  • Added Photon Cannon 2 Upgrade.
  • Added Dark Tower 2 Upgrade.
  • Replaced Thermal Tower by Plasma Tower.
  • Added Plasma Tower 2 Upgrade.
  • Removed Attacking Wave.
  • Fixed Unit Idle bug.
  • Fixed Triggers.

Changelog v0.3

  • Removed Pylon.
  • Removed Teleporter.
  • Added Blink Ability to Probe.
  • Added Thermal Tower Upgrade.
  • Added Gates Tower Upgrade.
  • Added Dark Tower Upgrade.
  • Increased Health of some Units.
  • Fixed Scale of some Units.
  • Fixed Triggers.

Changelog v0.2

  • Increased Probe Speed.
  • Increased Photon Cannon Attack speed.
  • Added between 50 to100 HP to all units.
  • Added Teleporter.
  • Fixed Unit Speed.
  • Fixed Unit Health.
  • Fixed Unit Scale.
  • Fixed Triggers.


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