Call of Ancestors

Call of Ancestors v1.2 is out. It features FULL VOICEOVERS for ingame cinematics and tons of fixes based on your sugesstions!!!

Plot: After learning that Terran mercenaries are desecrating one of their planet, young Protoss warrior Tarsalis lands on a planet and begins his quest to reach lost ruins. But unknown to him, his superiors have more sinister plan in place.

Version notes: This v1.2 release of CoA map contains tons of changes here is the list:

  • New Loading text.
  • All voiceovers have increased volume now.
  • Fixed one big cutscene mixup.
  • Added more health, shields and speed for Tal'Adun.
  • Fixed names of Tarsalis weapons.
  • Archon beam of Tarsilas can only target Air units now.
  • Removed the range of Terran sensor tower.
  • Fixed ivanco's initialization area.
  • Stalkers have blink now.
  • Doubled the shield regeneration rate of Tarsilas and Tal'adun [regeneration wait time is stil same].
  • Added tons more "no walk" zones over some areas and doodads.
  • Added more Terran forces in the north base.
  • Added more Terran forces in the Temple Entrance [they prevent rushing tactics].
  • Added another Missile Turret detector near Siege tank [i will make detector out of him later].
  • Beacons cant be selectable anymore.
  • Changed the name of "Battle Cruiser Copy" units. [Those units are still not responding to "issue order - move to point" order. Weird.]
  • Changed the flow of end cinematic, but its not done yet.

To do list:

  • skippable cinematics [but I will need help from you guys, point me out to some map that has that feature and I will look into it.]
  • explosions at the end of the map [sound & camera shake]
  • personalised sounds for Tarsilas [when moving & attacking]
  • work on map 2 and continuation of Tarslalis adventure


  • DieH@rd - all the coding and map making
  • Relja Trajković - sound engeneer, voice of Tal'Adun, voice of Fleet Command
  • Ivica Milarić - scenario work, voice of Tarsalis, voice of Ivanco
  • Ivan Zorkić - voice of Zealot, voice of Reely

Few pictures from the map:


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