Bunker command

http://screenshot.xfire.com/s/101655108-4.jpg Possible game situation.

Every player starts out with 2 bunkers and a number of marines, the goal is to quickly upgrade them and attack other bunkers to increase your spawn and minerals(for further upgrades). There are a number of different objective's that can be achieved aswell to gain extra minerals.

Thors can be researched to spawn these new units, these units are stronger than the normal marines, however they are much more limited in number and give more minerals per kill. Units and bunkers also gain experience in order to level up. The max amount of levels is 10, where marines gain 1 damage, 5 hp and movement speed, thors gain attack and movement speed and bunkers gain attack speed.

This is intended to be a short and fun game that could take a few time's to master for new players!

Currently published on EU.


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