SC2BW v0.971


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    May 24, 2011
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Version 0.971


  • New Method for loading Triggers, Triggers are now loaded from the SC2BW mod file instead of from the individual map, ergo there is only a single source for Triggers. this will make it easier to update the map and also ensure Ladder Rating is persistent across all maps.
  • New Valkyrie Texture by buhhy
  • New model for Comsat. has animations now.
  • Work Animation added to Science Facility (lights flash when upgrading)
  • Dragoons now make a mess


  • Tweaks to the way Valkyrie attack works
  • Polished all addons construction animations
  • Work Animation removed from Gateway
  • Battlecruiser attack made more visible by increasing effect size and slowing projectile
  • All Protoss Buildings now have the same Warp in Animation
  • Lurker Attack Spines are now much taller.
  • Irradiate will no longer cause units to "Flee"
  • Spider Mine movement speed decreased from 9 > 7.5
  • Lurker Egg size increased slightly
  • Dark/Archon size decreased slightly
  • Mutalisk size increased slightly
  • Reduced Pylon Power Radius from 7.5 > 6.5, (same as blizzard's change, tested all wallins on Fighting Spirit and all remain possible)
  • changed the way Game Mode Options are displayed (Hardcore settings) to be more straight forward


  • Command Center no longer morphs into Orbitals and Planetary while flying
  • Some small fixes to Destination (fixed wallin, fixed bridge symmetry)
  • Some small fixes to Andromeda (fixed center, added doodads)
  • Some small fixes to Othello (added destructable rocks to make wallin at natural better)
  • Some small fixes to Heartbreak Ridge (changes to center, made wallins more accurate)
  • Some small fixes to Circuit Breaker (more accurate wallin)
  • Some pretty significant changes to Fighting Spirit (more accurate wallin, changes to bridge and river width, main base seems massive however =\)
  • Nydus should now properly not play a Global Sound on Birth
  • Siege Tanks will now properly do Splash Damage to it's Target while Target remains under Dark Swarm
  • Fixed bug that caused Devourer to be unable to attack cloaked units, irregardless if they were visible or not
  • Fixed 99% of Hotkey re-assigning functionality. all units/buildings should show correctly
  • Fixed Hallucination