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Baseship Commanders is a 6v6 arena battle in which the objective of the game is to destroy the other teams Oblivion Towers. Upon entering the game, players choose a team, and then choose a warship hero. It is a traditional MOBA in the sense of choosing a warship hero with a slight twist. Each team is also required to have 1 Base Commander who is in charge of constructing base defense, researching new technologies, equipping Ship Commanders with powerful buffs and/or utilizing the Command Ship to support allies or lead attacks. Additionally, Ship Commanders can also upgrade their weapons and abilities etc.


The minion spawn system features 3 lanes. Stronger minions begin pushing over time in various lanes. Minions can be upgraded by each Base Commander. Typically the final minion spawn is the most dangerous. It also incorporates a system where Base Commanders, if they research the proper technology can control the exact point the minions attack. However, if an Oblivion Tower is destroyed before they research the technology, they lose the ability to control that particular minion spawn that correlates to that Tower.


All of the standard features of a MOBA are present, such as earning more money for kills, losing money when you die, and increasing spawn time after death.


The gameplay has the potential to be quite interesting and complex with the addition of the Base Commander, who ultimately can turn the tide of the game if played correctly. There are a number of strategies available to Base Commanders and Ship Commanders alike.


Base Commanders use base builders to construct defensive, offensive, and utility based structures. Each Base Commander also has a harvester which automatically constructs income based buildings which provide key targets for enemy players.


Currently there are 17 heros in the game with new ones coming out every couple of months. Each ship is designed to fulfill various roles such as, Base Killer, Tank, Hero Killer, Ganker/Sabatoge, and Carry.

The idea behind the map is a hybrid of Tower Defense and Hero Arena Battle.

Inspiration behind Warship Heros and the Base Commander:


Destroyer- Anti Base Commander / Tank (Idea behind this hero is a simple and easy to use hero with the least # of active abilities)

Mothership- A Starcraft Classic idea of what a Mothership should have been like. Has the strongest tanking capabilities and is the late game carry.

Battlestar Carrier- Idea is focused on Battlestar Galactica OR just a general carrier- (This is not currently in the game but would like to take it there)

Viper- Idea is from the SNES / Arcade / Playstation 2 Gradius Ship Vic Viper T301. (Very close to the original with multiples, missiles, shields etc.)

Assimilator- Idea is from Star Trek Borg Cubes (Hero focused on sabotage and stealing technology)

Leviathan- A swarm spawning hero with many debuff abilities.

Base Commander- Inspiration for the Base Commander comes from Total Annihilation and incorporates some of the same game mechanics, including energy as a resource for base defense structures. Kill the Base Commander, disable the defense structures etc.

Paradox- Inspired by science fiction time travel episodes. I wanted to create a multi functioning harrasement fighter that is tough to take down. I.E. It's famous time warm ability. Requires a lot of micro to use efficiently and is very fun to play. Good all around support ship.

Gunstar- Inspired by the movie "The Last Starfighter" This ship is designed to be the aerial superiority fighter. It deals bonus damage to smaller Ship Commanders, Viper, Paradox, Assimilator, and other Gunstars. It has has all the abilities and the weapons from the movie, including the famous "Death Blossom!"

Liberator- Healer Support (Science vessel support ship for the game

Ragnarok- Capital Ship Killer (Features an Obliteration Beam, Siege Missiles, and warping in armada abilities.

Xenomorph- Stealth Assasin (Cloaked while not attacking or using abilities. Has stun ability and can spawn Hives which give birth to more xenomorphs. Sound effects from the Alien Movie Series!

Basestar- Coming soon (Cylon Basestar from the 1960s TV show with custom model and original sound effects)

Obsidian- A support hero which can enhance player and auto spawning minions and attack enemies with Telekinesis or mind control.

Raptor- Multi Role attack fighter craft. Can use Fighter mode or Assault mode to switch between anti air vs anti ground. Incredible versatility and is immune to damage reflect towers. Excellent Ground pounding savagery. 

Vanguard- Based on Star Trek Deep Space nine, this station is outfitted to take on an entire armada. Featuring rapid fire quantum torpedos, multiple phaser banks and can launch the ultimate warship, the Defiant, for a limited time.

Aurora- Inspired by Stargate Atlantis. Can build Stargates to allow allied players instant travel from  one gate to another and can launch ancient drone missiles and uses a powerful lantean shield which can be used to tank and mitigate damage.

Nemesis- A biological creature which siphons enemy base commander minerals and can also use its powerful melee attack to steal life and energy from other ships.





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