Barcraft is a multiplayer online card game mod for the video game Starcraft II: Wings of liberty and its expansion, Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm. A bunch of Blizzard Heroes walk in to a bar...then they begin a bar brawl! Every player plays a unique hero to join the fight, stay with you own secret role, play card to protect yourself or beat your opponent up!


  • Name: BarCraft
  • Genre: Card game
  • Starring: Blizzard game characters
  • Duration: 20-40 minutes
  • Players: 2-8 (AI player available)
  • Servers: US CN TW HOTSbeta EU
  • Language: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
  • Official Website:



Press F12 in game for help

Hold TAB key to enlarge cards

Learn how to play by clicking "Tutorial" in the lobby!

Play cards to protect yourself or beat someone else!


  1. At the beginning, the Bar Owner reveals himself by turning his card face up, all other players know their role but KEEP IT SECRET.
  • WHEN BAR OWNER IS DEFEATED: If only the Bar Bartender survived, he wins; otherwise the Drunk win.
  • WHEN ALL DRUNK AND BAD BAR TENDER DEFEATED: The Bar Owner and his Bouncers win.
  1. Select a hero to join the bar fight.
  2. Play cards to protect your self, or beat someone else.
  3. Stay with your role, defeat your opponents to gain victory.


  • Only the Bar Owner's role card is public, the players have to speculate on the role of each other.
  • Many scene can be chosen, fight in different bars!
  • Use the jukebox to play songs.


How to join a game?
Search for "BarCraft" in the lobby. Remember to choose the game mode(Beginner Mode or Standard Mode) at the bottom of the screen!
How to find other players?
Go to the "BarCraft" chat channel.
I'm a beginner, what could I do?
1. Play the tutorial to learn basic rules.
2. Press F12 to view the very detailed manual.
3. Hold TAB to enlarge the card that your mouse pointing at.
4.Almost everything on the screen are with tooltips, so just move your mouse to check the tips.


  • EU server Launched at 2012.12.21
  • US CN TW HOTSbeta Launched at 2012.12.20


  • Crusade of Blader Presents
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Contact us for more information and bug feedback!


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