Assault of Zuh'chukah Mountain

Campaign: The Assault of Zuh'chukah Mountain

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Plan of Attack

Intro Cut Scene - Col. Stravowski and Lt. Col. Woodridge plan the assault with the General.

Storming the Beach

You have a limited amount of resourses to take on the zerg onslaught and carve out a position on the beach.

The Fortress of the Wolf

You have made it onto the beach, however the only defencable location for your assault on the mountain is an over run protoss fortress. You must clear out the fortress so your men can set up.

Assault of Zuh'chukah Mountain

The beach is yours and you are in a defencable position. Now is the time to build up your forces and clear the zerg from the area. It's just that easy, or is it?


  1. Single player action!
  2. Playable Hero
  3. Challenging AI Waves
  4. 3rd Person Insurgency Mission
  5. Secondary Objectives
  6. Triggered Map Transitions (make sure the files are in your main game map folder)

Coming Soon

  1. Unique Hero Abilities


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