An 8-player online arena. Each team of 2 is equally balanced in each corner. A marine spawns for each player every 3 seconds. You gain money buy killing other units. Once you have gained enough money, you can buy a second building at one of your buildsites. This building will start producing units to further your cause. You have a total of 2 buildsites, but must upgrade to use both. A unit cap is set at 300 units so you must plan tactically with your teammate.


Each team are located at the corners of the map. A set of destructible rocks are located next to each player. Destroy these and you can advance around a pit to your opponents destructible rocks or advance into the middle. For a quick kill streak use the one-way teleport in your base to teleport into the middle. The beacon in the middle will have some effect in later version, but as of now it is just for show.



  • Map completion 93%
  • Tier 1 and 2 buildings available for all players

To Come:

  • Get units to spawn from tier 1 & 2 buildings
  • Ability to pick from 1 of 2 build sites. Meaning up to two additional buildings to spawn units.
  • Middle beacon effect
  • Some kind of voting system
    • Choose speed
    • Choose map
    • Choose teams
    • Unit tiers (maybe infantry only, or tanks only...)


Arena v 0.4.2:

  • Added:
    • All players can spawn tier 1 and tier 2 buildings at build site 1
  • To Come:
    • SCV ability to build bunkers/photon cannons/spine crawler/etc.

Arena v 0.4.2:

  • Added:
    • Triggers shortened to reduce lag. If a CC dies, the trigger is turned off instead of a variable being changed.

Arena v 0.4:

  • Added:
    • Player 1 tier 2 buildings spawnable
  • To Come:
    • Tier 1 and Tier 2 buildings for all players

Arena v 0.3:

  • Added:
    • Map is about 90% complete
    • Player 1 tier 1 buildings spawnable
  • To Come:
    • Tier 2 units for player 1

Arena v 0.1:

  • Added:
    • Map at 70% completion
    • Scripting just started
  • To Come:
    • Tier 1 units for player 1


  • PM me for:
    • Questions
    • Concerns
    • Ideas
    • Bugs
    • Interested in helping


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