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    I remember playing this Brood War map a a child (might also have been a mod, but I dunno), it was a campaign type map, where you start as a civilian, and you need to choose a beacon to go to. Here is an example of what would happen for when you went on a beacon: If you went onto a Zerg beacon that had Kerrigan and two hunter killers, It would give you a Zerg base as well as those units; in addition, every time you trained a Hydralisk, you would get Hunter Killeres instead. Choosing a different beacon would give you (in the same base location), that race's base, the three units, and one unit type would be replaced when you train it with its heroic version.

    Does anyone know the map (or mod) name?

    Could something like this be made to work in SC2?

    I an super curious about the map triggers that would be used.

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