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    Hey everyone,


    Got some paid contract work for those of you interested; looking to finish out and launch Episode 1 of Legacy of the Confederation for StarCraft 2.  A few years ago things went hot and heavy and we have a boatload of 3D assets, 2D assets, splash screens, custom music, hours of recorded voiceovers...just need some enterprising folks to help put it all together.


    If you're interested in learning more, or telling me to go pound sand personally because it's been a few years, please message me directly here on Mapster.  What's needed to wrap things up:


    -  1 person who can take the custom units and put them into the game, animations and all as well as including wireframes and custom buttons etc, this is somewhat started but hero units require implementation and the tech tree has to be built still

    -  2 people to work with me on making the maps themselves (triggering, camera cuts, implementation of puzzles (it wouldn't be LotC without puzzles) etc).  


    In addition to the pay, the team here will get complete, unlimited access to use all the new models for their own StarCraft 2 projects if so desired (after Episode 1 is out the door).  No cost to this, just an added way of saying 'thank you.'  


    If you're looking for some extra cash, to pad  your portfolio, or just get free access to a ton of assets at no charge for your own projects, this is ground zero.


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