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    First off Stranded on Krydon is a excellent and fun to play map so when I heard It had been redone I immediately went out and searched for this game and there it was first in the list. First time I played the game I played it solo and Lasted for about forty five minutes until I was overrun by the zerg. From the single player experience It felt very beatable once you have a good idea what to do. One thing I really like about this renewed version of the game is the Map Design. I've played this renewed version a hand full of times now and the map always feels fresh and still brings that feeling of uncharted territory in each game. One thing that impressive me the most is how big this map is and how well the environment is designed even though I would love to see the map get bigger someday...sigh. Now the map for me feels like it has tons of potential when it comes to what you can do with the map that can bust forth from it but due to the aspect of the game it forces most of the map to be played in a Patented Style in that specific region of the map (Good example is the crash site). One thing I always thought about with this game is the idea of having the possibility of Multiple Starting locations on the map to chose from so instead of starting at the same center of the map location over and over you could put in place a method in which the four players could choose their starting location/crash site from possibly from the easy hard brutal approach...

    Overall my sentiments are the same as Trieva, This is one of the most fun arcade games I have played in a long time and I can see myself replaying this alot. Overall it's extremely fun for me. Not many games out there like this in the arcade and that what make this game a Gem. Thanks for making this game.

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