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    I'm thinking of continuing to work on a project of mine, but I've run into some power issues: running the galaxy editor on my machine has becoming far too taxing for it, to the point that it creates a noticeable temperature increase. For the moment I don't have access to a more powerful machine (yet), but I would like to continue working on my project (without getting burnt of course).

    I don't have any background in the galaxy script (though I know triggering, programming languages, and some JASS), so I would just like to clarify a few points about it. https://vlc.onl

    1. Is there a language/text based way to do stuff with the objects in the data module (like make new units, etc.) without even opening the editor or using the gui? I know you can view the text based format with the gui, but is there a dedicated interpreter for it so you could create up new units, spells, behaviors, etc. without ever going into the editor?

    3. Are data based solutions more efficient than trigger based ones? Or does this depend on the objects/triggers involved (some triggers are computationally expensive, or a certain data type can really add unnecessary overhead?)?

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