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    posted a message on Need terrain-guy for Fantasy Legends

    I still need ability maker for my map.

    It can be data or trigger man.

    • What kind of things i need:
      • abilities for heroes: fire mage, warrior, cold mage, shaman
      • abilities for monsters
      • boss abilities and behaviours

    Everybody is welcomed! :)

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    posted a message on Fantasy Legends - cooperetive hack'n'slash rpg

    well Abvdzh. 1. Items in my map uses presets. 2. Replayability of my map is provided by random drop and may be by random monsters (not sure). Also i want to make my map hard enough to prevent completing it with first-second game. 3. AI for bosses will be made for sure! I even don't imagine boss without AI :) May be i will recruit some data guy for making bosses for my map. By the way don't you Abvdzh want to make it for me? :))

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    posted a message on Fantasy Legends - cooperetive hack'n'slash rpg

    Hello people!

    I want to introduce my new map which i'm currently working on. It is Fantasy Legends - cooperative action RPG in fantasy setting. It was inspired by Blizzard's games (such as World of Warcraft and Diablo 2,3) and by some maps made by fans for Warcraft 3.

    Short story of the map: few guys decide to tomb-ride an ancient crypt and take some treasures from it. At this moment the game begins, players select their heroes and go to adventures! Team work and some skills will allow them to slash hundreds of monstres, defeat strong bosses and finally make their way to goal!

    This video is developing diary from 20 march 2014. It shows which things i have already made in my project

    Embed Removed:
    • The main features of my map:
      • nice fantasy setting in the great traditions of Blizzard games
      • fast action (no slow boring quest-taking-making) - heroes just go and kill
      • easy-to-undersand standart Starcraft2 interface (no or minimum custom interface)
      • replayability of the map (provided by random loot and events for every game)

    And now, if you are still interested, i want to add more details. First of all i taken a lot of models, art, sounds from World of Warcraft via WowModelViewer. It fit very good in sc2editor. Also after checking a lot of maps with inventory for main hero i saw that big inventory with dozens of little black slots is bad idea. I don't like to make so little movement with my mouse to drag and drop all my crap from on slot to another. It is awful. So i decided to make the simpliest possible inventory (idea was taken from Aiur Chief)

    At the center of screen there is a 6-slots inventory. 1 slot for weapon, 1 - for hat, 1 - for shoulders, 1 - for shield and 2 - for consumables (such potions, scrols etc)

    Player can equip only 1 weapon athe time anc can't carry second for reserve. It force players to choose wisely and don't take different crap :) Also it prevents from 1 player is reach, and another is poor. If i can't (or don't want) to use this good bow then another player will take it! I am sure it is good and simple system. I don't want to make my map crowded by tons of different useless crap.

    Another thing - difficulties. I will make 2 only difficulties for select at start: Normal and hardCore:

    I don't like a dozens of difficulties to choose like in some TD maps.

    Another thing - hero selection screen. It consists of minimum interface (any moving screens or slieds etc) - just few heroes around campfire. Click on 1 of them - and he becomes belonged to you! He is your hero!

    Another thing - loot and items. O have made a lot of items. The most weak are dropped near campfire at gamestart to allow players select something and begin their journey. Another stuff are dropped from monsters. I have made a lot of rare (unique) strong items. But chance to take it from drop it low. So every game you play you find new stuff for you. I am sure it is enought interesting to force players to come play again and again.

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    posted a message on [1 Position] OZAC

    Heh, lets reanimate OZAC :)

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    posted a message on Looking for help

    you're worse than Hitler! :)

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    posted a message on KorvinGump's Map Pack

    @Zolden: Go

    Jeu you Zolden!!!!!!!! Do you forget about me? I use russian language as my native too :)

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    posted a message on Need terrain-guy for Fantasy Legends

    Well, thank you DuckyTheDuck. You are right. This thing should be explained in more details. So fr publishing project at i want/need at least 3 heroes. They are Warrior, Hunter and Fire Mage. Such skills are ready/planned for them:

    • Warrior
      • 1. Frenzy (ready)
      • 2. Whirlwind (ready)
      • 3. Shield Bash planned
      • 4. Deadly Strike planned
      • 5. ??? (empty slot for ability)
      • 6. ???
      • 7. ???
      • 8. ???
      • 9. ???
    • Hunter
      • 1. Hiding (ready)
      • 2. Bear Trap (ready)
      • 3. Campfire (ready)
      • 4. Hunter's Net (ready)
      • 5. Hunter's Mark (ready)
      • 6. Snipe Shot planned
      • 7. ???
      • 8. ???
      • 9. ???
    • Fire Mage
      • 1. Fireball (ready)
      • 2. Summon Fire Serpents (ready)
      • 3. Summon Fire Elemental (ready)
      • 4. Fire Rain planned
      • 5. Fire Nove planned
      • 6. Enchant Weapon planned
      • 7. ???
      • 8. ???
      • 9. ???

    So you see there are some skills finished already, some - planned (need Data Maker for them), and some - undefined, any suggestions are welcomed for them. At command card in standart starcraft 2 interface there are 10 buttons. 1 button is used for "learning skill" button, and other 9 can be filled with abilities. For publishing map at i need at least 5-6 skills for each hero to make game interesting.

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    posted a message on Need terrain-guy for Fantasy Legends


    Hi everybody. After 1 year rest i return to mapmaking and want to finish my new map. It will be cooperative RPG for few players made in fantasy setting (inspired by World of Warcraft, Warcraft 3 andother good games). The plot of the game: few heroes decide to tomb-ride an ancient tomb. They go to it killing monsters on their way, fighting bosses and chatting with each other.

    Technically, the project is custom arcade map with a lot of imported models and art from Wow. Interface is standart (i don't want to waste time to develope something if there is already famailiar good sc2 interface). Also the RPG setting are enought standart too: heroes gain expeirence, level up abilities, use items etc. Also there is a VERY simple inventory system (watch video), taken from Blizzard's Aiur Chief - 6 big slots for items showed in bottom of screen: 1 for weapon, 1 for hat, 1 for shoulders, 1 for shield, 2 for usable stuff (potions, scrools) - VERY EASY, understood intuitively, familiar for most people!

    Well. now about me and my plans. I am experience map maker, i have made 7 different maps since 2010. Few of them (Fringe 2, Wow TD, WOw TD 2) were slightly popular, and Wow TD 2 was even highlighted by Blizzard. My goal is to make just a good map! Right now i want to focuse on terrain, plot and trigger. And that why i need a help with data. I look for:

    - Data man for making abilities for heroes (fire mage, warrior, hunter). Not necessarily expert :) Even if you are semi novice to editor, you are welcomed. It will be a good school for you in my project.

    - dialogs designers. I need 10-20 typical chatt dialogs in fantasy setting that would can take place in fantasy world betwen orcs, elfs etc.

    Well, and there is a little demonstration what i have done already. note is is a shot in haste video, it shows some weapons and inventory system:

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    posted a message on [solved] missiles won't track imported WoW models

    S O L V E D.

    1. Go to Data - Model and choose your imported model

    2. Add new item in "CModel_AttachProps" (just click on little green button)

    3. Set ID to something, for example "Center" (i don't know if there is any difference what you set here. But if you don't set anything, it will not work)

    4. Set Radius_Target to something above 0 (i set 0.4 for all my models)

    P.S. If don't work, check our what Impact Attach Queerry do you use for attack actor. For example my missiles use methods AMFilter Target and then AMProximity All. I think it allows missiles to fly just into target's center :)))

    P.P.S. Standart sc2 units don't have AttachProps set up in Data Model tub. I think they have this option built on somewhere else. Yo!

    P.P.P.S Thank to Ranakastrasz. He gone on right way.

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    posted a message on Need designers for World of Warcraft TD

    R E S E R V E D

    More information about project here (few screenshots, playable alpha version)

    I need 30-35 monster waves. They are monsters from different WOW location and different level (1-85) including bosses. I already have (on 7 december 2011):

    - Docile Island Boar lvl 2 (Durotar)

    - Gordok Brute lvl 39 (Dire Maul)

    - Moltanus lvl 48 (Badlands)

    - Dust Stormer lvl 54 (Silithus)

    - Nightmare Wyrmkin lvl 53 (Sunken Temple)

    Also i need more towers. They are heroes of different classes from WOW. I already have (on 7 december 2011):

    - "Orc Warrior" Tower (Melee tower, can attack ground units only)

    - "Elf Archer" Tower (Range tower, can attack ground and flying units)

    I need more tower. I have idea about mage tower, but don't know which class of heroes i have to choose for it. Another idea is "Undead Healer" Tower. I am planning to add game mode for 2 teams. So players will send extra mobs vs another team. This mobs will attack towers, so i need healer tower to keep another towers alive :) Dunno, if this a good idea? Any suggestion?

    Well, anyway, if you have any suggestions/ideas, you are welcomed. Just describe its details here, in this post.

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    posted a message on Need designers for World of Warcraft TD

    Well, i wanted to recruit some model importers, but nobody joined. So i am going to install WOW to my computer and import models by myself. But i still need designers for towers and monster waves. If you play WOW a lot, you are welcomed.

    - I make all trigger/data/terrain work

    - You decide which monsters will be in waves (30-35 waves totally). Also need any ideas for towers.

    Check this video to watch what s done already

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    posted a message on Square Control

    I played this map and Siretu (author) asked me to post my comments here.

    Well. I'm going to repeat my opinion. Firstly - rock-paper-scissors system is good forever and simple upgrade system can't make it worse. My the only wish here is to make discription more short :) Just write short summary of current research in yellow text color to allow player fast recognise what does it do. Examples : "allow you to recruit marauders", "increase shoot range of goliath" etc...

    Secondly (and lastly) - make bunker upgrades! It would allow player to defend squares even he doesn't have any time to defend them manually. :)

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    posted a message on [Revived!] Map Night

    I suggest my map

    Name: Cat'n'Mouse Fights

    Type: minigame, hide and seek, etc... (it's remake of Warcraft 3 "Cat Catchs Mouse")

    Players: up to 12 players (from 1cat vs 2mice to 4cats vs 8mice)

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    posted a message on [Info] Changing your Editor's Region/Server

    Hey hey hey! I'm player from russian server. Today i wanted to publish my map at USA server. So i made all the steps from post #1 here (create in windows register string value to USA server). Than i launched editor and tried to login (coz login is necessary to publishing, isn't it?). But i have got message "You can't enter coz you don't have any account here bla bla bla".

    So guys... You can't publish map to another servers without account been created there.

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    posted a message on LA/RU/TW Server hosts?


    I'm player from russian server. (i live in Ukraine)

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