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    I’m going to participate in a school project where we get to develop a game, the project starts in the beginning of April and I want to start preparing now as I have never developed a game with its own engine so to speak.

    The crux of the problem is that we are only allowed to program in C and that limits the tools we can use. I’m thinking it’s going to be mostly SDL, OpenGL and GLUT. And as I have never done any game engine work I have no clue where to start.

    I’m also wondering if there are any tools that are out there that allows you to build a world much like the StarCraft editor does, or will I have to learn 3D graphics from the ground up. The thought of having to draw every single vector seems mind boggeling to me https://100001.onl/.

    I tried downloading the source code for Quake 3, as I gathered it was written in C, but I didn’t really get anything useful from it.

    I have programmed both in C and Java before. I’m just not sure how to tackle this task or where to begin? Any advice or books to read would be much appreciated.

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