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    posted a message on Trigger Weather Effects

     This mod doesn't work anymore, if you try to use +Weather it says Invalid parameter list and won't compile the trigger.

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    posted a message on [UI] SC2Layout Files: Override method (Aiurchef method)

    Hi this is really useful information, but I check both directories and I have no files in my Mods or Versions folders. Where can I find the default sc2 layout files now? I don't know which file to override for a given frame inside the editor!

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    posted a message on How do I make a gold mine attackable?

    Have tried many combinations of flags and footprints/radius etc. and I'm unable to have any weapon type land a hit on a Gold Mine from the blizzard WC3 unit library. I just can't see what I'm missing, how can I modify the Gold Mine to be destructible? I just want it to act like any other regular structure. If I mimic the flags of another structure identically then when a peasant mines gold it hurts the gold mine by 1hp every time it mines.

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