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    I'm really interested in making some small over-the-top cinematic games in the editor, but I want to learn from the campaign's techniques. The Story maps specifically.

    I can't get them to open. The map is just black with nothing in it. I'm assuming either the models don't init until a trigger or they specifically weren't included for some reason.

    I want to see how they did the upgrade systems, how they placed the models for the rooms, how they handled props you could interact with (with the white outlines), and how they worked with HD models for  https://9apps.ooo/NPC interaction (speaking, blinking, interacting with props.)


    How do I make the Hyperion Bridge visible in the map editor? I can see triggers and data for how the interactions work but nothing about the objects used.

     issue got solved!

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    Can someone please make a beautiful map with a lot of plants and flowers and call it "grandmas yard". imagine playing ladder games on grandmas yard or even better: watching p ros play on grandmas yard. https://omegle.onl/

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    issue got solved!!
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