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    hey guys, I really enjoy playing against the cpu on melee matches using mods. only problem is that I can change the supply cap for a race, and even though i will build above 200, any cpu players in the game wont build above 200 even though they technically can. Im aware that editing the default melee ai isnt really a thing in the same way that editing the data of units is a thing. which is unfortunate because i really dont know how to work with anything else in the editor. Im willing to learn how to do triggers if its possible to achieve my goal using them. any and all help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    posted a message on marines that automatically re-queue back at the barracks upon death

    So I wanted to create a mod where there is a supply cap for individual units of say 25 or so. Ultimately id want to consistently have player's armies on the map without ever having them need to take the time to rebuild it, they just automatically respawn back at home base when they are killed.


    So far the way that I have found to achieve this was to kinda reverse engineer the nexus wars mod and copy the way that the photon cannons work on there. So I've made it so that there are 25 charges for marines, and it autocasts them with a build time of 1 second.


    The part I'm having trouble with is how to get them to rebuild once dead. the 25 charges will run out then the button for creating marines will be grayed out with an error that says "Not enough charges" when i try to build anymore. Killing them does not reset the charges. Which in hindsight makes sense with the minimal changes I made, but you know.


    What I wonder about is how in nexus wars you have a 2 cannon max, and when your photon cannons die, the charge count rises back to 2. I wonder how they did that, I loaded up that mod to see if there were any triggers that could make it do that but apparently that mod has no triggers. So obviously they managed to make the charge count rise again without triggers, so i figured so can I. I just dont know how.


    I saw an ability for the cannon that was added in that says "Salvage - Bunker" and Im thinking maybe they pulled that from the bunkers abilities (obviously) and modified it in a way where it returns charges too? Maybe I could apply that to a marine? Not sure. Regardless, I would appreciate some insight on this, or if there is another method of achieving my goal that im not aware of then any help with that would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

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