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    In Galaxy Script, you can create a unit group and add units to it using their unit tags. A unit group is like a collection of units that you can manipulate collectively.Typically, this process is done through triggers in the Galaxy Editor. You'll need to create a trigger that specifies the conditions under which you want to call a unit from a unit tag.Within the trigger, you'll use actions to call the unit from the unit tag. The action would involve adding the unit with the specific tag to a unit group. MyMileStoneCard


    Trigger - CallUnitFromTag:
    - Unit - Unit Enters Play Area
    Local Variables:
    - Unit Group MyUnitGroup
    - (Owner of (Triggering unit)) == Player 1 (or the player you want to target)
    - Unit Group - Add (Triggering unit) to MyUnitGroup
    - Unit - Kill (Picked unit)


    In this example, when a unit enters the play area (you can modify the event to suit your needs), it checks if the owner of the unit is "Player 1" (you can change this to the player you want). If the condition is met, it adds the unit to the MyUnitGroup and then kills the unit. You can replace the "Kill" action with any action you want to perform with the unit you've called.

    Please note that this is a simplified example, and the actual implementation can vary depending on your specific requirements and the complexity of your map or mod. You may need to refer to the StarCraft II modding community or documentation for more detailed guidance on using Galaxy Script for your specific project.

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