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    Firstly just to show off one of the models I have edited so far, here is my Brood War version of Kerrigan! Courtesy of @DaveTheSpectre for the base SCR textures!



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    Hey guys! So I've been planning this for a while, but I lately am feeling the strong urge to finally go through with it. My goal is to create a full SC2 Cinematic-style series of videos (that maybe later can be compiled into a fan-made SC1 Film, if Blizzard allows), using audio and dialogue from the original 1998 game! Basically the videos would recreate the game's story through cinematics using character models and things like that.


    I'm gonna need help with this. Firstly, I need help with getting my hands on models and assets, particularly with ripping the models, bones and all, into Blender, and if you can, into XPS/XNALARA, as those models I do know how to convert. I personally use a Japanese animation program called MikuMikuDance, however I am only using it because it is the easiest way for me to edit models and view them up close. 


    I'll also need help just in general for recreating models for units and things like that. For example, I'd love for somebody to help make an SC1 variant of the cinematic SC2 Marine, and so on. 


    This is gonna be a big BIG project, and I've already put a lot of work into it before I even announced it today. 


    Models I need ripped from SC2:

    • Medic portrait
    • Dropship models
    • Hyperion models
    • Classic SCV
    • Classic Marine
    • Colonists
    • Drone portrait
    • Zergling (WarCraft III Remake model)
    • Hydralisk (WarCraft III Remake model)
    • Scourge portrait
    • Devourer
    • Probe (Maybe use an SC1 Probe portrait somebody made on here)
    • Interceptor (I think somebody did a fan-made SC1 model of this on here)
    • Observer
    • Amon
    • LOTV Protoss guards, warriors, and civilians
    • Raynor's dropship
    • WOL sets
    • HOTS sets
    • LOTV sets
    • Convert Ops sets
    • All other available Cinematic SC2 sets
    • Marcus Cade
    • Bralik
    • Rory Swann
    • Egon Stetmann
    • Earl
    • Cooper
    • General Davis
    • Annabelle Thatcher
    • Miles Lewis (Heroes of the Storm model)
    • Milo Kachinsky
    • Michael Liberty (I may need help giving him legs and a back lol)
    • Donny Vermillion
    • Jessica Hall
    • Kate Lockwell
    • The Overmind
    • Zasz, Daggoth,  and other Cerebrates
    • Abathur
    • Vorazun
    • Selendis
    • Mohandar
    • Urun (I think somebody on here made a custom model for him)
    • Karax

    Models I need created or edited using existing models:




    • SC1-style Marine
    • SC1-style Medic
    • SC2 Medic portrait model
    • SC1-style Firebat
    • SC1-style spider-mine (Or just port the SC2 widow-mine and I can edit it)
    • SC1-style Goliath
    • SC1-style Siege Tank
    • SC1-style Wraith
    • SC1-style Valkyrie
    • SC1-style Science Vessel
    • SC1-style Queen
    • SC1-style Broodlings
    • SC1-style Guardian
    • SC1-style Infested Terrans
    • SC1-style Zealot
    • SC1-style Dragoon
    • SC1-style High Templar
    • SC1-style Dark Templar
    • SC1-style Archon
    • SC1-style Dark Archon
    • SC1-style Arbkter
    • SC1-style Scout
    • SC1-style Corsair
    • SC1-style Shuttle
    • SC1-style Reaver
    • SC1-style Scrabs
    • SC1-style Carrier
    • Episode 1 "Magistrate" (Plenty of battlecrusier and officer portraits you can use for a base)
    • Episode 5 "UED Captain" (Plenty of battlecrusier and officer portraits you can use for a base)
    • General Duke 
    • Admiral Dugalle 
    • Praetor Fenix (Zealot)
    • Praetor Fenix (Dragoon)
    • Judicator Aldaris
    • Tassadar
    • Executor Artanis (SC1 look, but obviously with fully grown hair cords)
    • Praetor Artanis (maybe use WOL model?)
    • Matriarch Raszagal
    • Vespene Gyser
    • And of course, EVERY BUILDING FROM SC1.

    Anyway, I'm doing a lot of work too, so don't think I'm trying to make everybody do all the work or anything. i just would love some help! I'll be posting images of my progress in the comments! Just PM me and lemme know if you know how to port to blender or XPS, and if you are willing to help me make custom models! Thanks!


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    I'm wondering where the grey hair texture is for Megnsk, the hair he had at the end of HOTS. Does the texture exist in the files?

    If not, can someone do an edit of it for me?

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    I am trying to port the StarCraft 2 models to MikuMikuDance, and I'd love to have some help. Also I need help editing some of the models, like making a non-infested version of Stukov or Brood War style Kerrigan and stuff like that. If there's someone that can help out in some way, please let me know!


    Also side note, this is the first time I've created a thread here, so I'm sorry if this thread is in the wrong area. 

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    Hey yall, i just really need an SC1 Brood War StarCraft Remastered style Kerrigan unit and Portrait from how she looked. She was more greenish then, and had this whole different feel to her than she does in HotS. Can you guys help out?

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    Hey guys i need an SC1 Jim Raynor Portrait. Basically with how he looked in StarCraft Brood War and StarCraft Remastered. Can anyone do that for me?

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    posted a message on Mass Recall v6.0 Silver

    When will these all be released?

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