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    Hello gamers,

    I'm on the lookout for base-building RTS games with a focus on building up armies and annihilating enemies, similar to the good old days of CC, Dune 2000, and LOTR. The simplicity and enjoyment of defending my base, gradually amassing forces, and launching a victorious assault hold a special place in my gaming heart.

    While SC2 offers some of this experience, I'm not a fan of missions with sudden time constraints. I'm curious if there are somewhat modern RTS games that capture the essence of building and defending a base with increasingly advanced weaponry against waves of foes, culminating in an epic showdown.

    Importantly, I'm specifically interested in games with a campaign mode, not skirmishes or player-vs-player scenarios. I've heard about Dorf, but it's yet to be released.

    Any recommendations or insights into games that scratch this base-building and army destruction itch would be greatly appreciated.

    Happy gaming!



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