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    Slapped together some GUI stuff, expanded recording framework...


    From here I can create a "Time Sync" script that watches SC2's clock and then stores each log within the displayed second, so it's synchronized for racing against. Then I'll add more object recognition/alert/camera filtering Algorithms so that camera changes/alert( !![!!!]!! ) messages don't affect things. For that I can simply detect them, then cycle back through logs for the data that was last known to exist, and use that data.

    Also plan on adding better Base recognition(larva rolling over bottom of hatches changes pixels) for also logging expo timings, Overlord scout info - (distance from base by time) and creep tumor count/timings.


    Edit: Also first time I posted was from my phone googling 'sc2 mod requests' ended up here and now I think I'm realizing this is for art or something... Idk if there's an admin that wants to move my post,lol, Idk, I'm going to continue to update this thread as I go.


    Also incase it wasn't clear, my main need for the extension mod is so I can apply it to ladder maps and have a solid number I can use to gauge Total Creep against for a percentage, which is actually super important.  It would be a big help, and if my thing helps anyone else in the end then we did good.


    I'm not gonna roll the dice and try it myself again since my last attempt wouldn't even save and I felt robbed of my hours :/ It would've literally been more rewarding to play an easy comp and cover the map myself for references, which I can always do if I don't find the help I need... However I believe in ya'll, there is some wizard here can take the 5 minutes it feels like it should to make me a lil mod... pleaaaase :p

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    Hello, I'm hoping someone can make me an extension mod that simply generates creep across the whole map somehow, (via tumors, or not), either way I need to start a map completely covered in creep also with complete vision of the map, ideally no time limit for the creep regression.


    The idea being that I can essentially take a screenshot of the minimap with full creep coverage and then use that as a reference to run an overlay during a replay to display creep spread percentage/rates/times so you can compare your creep spread to someone like Dark or something... I got the idea from a lowko vid.


    Anyways I took a crack at it last week trying to use Galaxy Script and failed, and since it didn't like what I did I couldn't save it to share it now.

    The method I figured would be easiest would be a double for{} loop for X and Y to place em every 10 units or whatever from 0 to map limit but I couldn't get it to take :(


    Ahem, so ideally: Start map, no structures spawn but creep, ideally enemy but if it's easier they can be my player's and also with full vision, no time limit.


    Also, I'll share the finished script if anyone else has interest! Thanks in advance!



    Edit: Working on the creep reading framework on my end :x

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