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    Yes you can, there's the offline option similar to mass recall, where you can have your mods and maps be as large as you want or you can actually publish them in bnet and transition between maps.

    The online option only let's you upload 315 mbs but you can upload your mods on alternate accounts, this requires you to make any purchase to be able to upload, your maps can sit in your main account no problem.

    I also recommend joining the Unofficial Mapsters discord where we have useful resources for mapmaking and can answer questions closely to you
    Discord Link

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    You can find them by simply using the Open button at the top bar and clicking on the Blizzard tab, you have to log in your battlenet account for this and you can only open the campaigns that you own currently, excluding nova.
    WoL scripts are so outdated you're better off using swarm and void as your references.

    You could also join the Unofficial mapsters discord where we can point you in the right direction and find resources for mapmaking discord gg / e27vpcN

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    here you go.


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    The Cutscene editor is entirely for cutscenes like the ones seen in the campaigns that use cinematic models. For cutscenes that use gameplay models you just utilize triggers.


    You could use the cutscene editor for cutscenes such as those but the process is far more tedious, it involves setting animations, walk paths and bunch of other obscure tools that really would make the work of 10 minutes into easly 1 hour.

    The Cutscene editor is an obscure tool not meant for gameplay models to be shown.

    If you want to learn the editor anyway w can answer questions at the unofficial mapsters discord, i'll throw a link to it.



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