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    Hey! I was wondering if anyone advanced in Galaxy Scripting knows if it is possible to flip dialog images vertically or horizontally? Would be really useful in creating UI's and not having to always import same image multiple times.

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    posted a message on Choose custom race window & base location(triggers)

    You can actually make it so you can choose custom race in the lobby by going to Map -> Game Attributes then defining new PLAYER attribute and listing all races available in your game, this will be separate of real "race" so it won't affect anything in game comes with choosing race. After you have made you attribute you need to make it so it shows up in the lobby, by going to Map -> Game Variants and removing normal race selection and adding your custom attribute as the race selector. Then when the game starts you can get their selection of the race by doing a comparison of "Attribute Player Value"

    General - If (Conditions) then do (Actions) else do (Actions)

    If (Custom Race Attribute value for player 1) == Custom Race

    You can also do this for the spawn position for example "Spawn Location" - Random, Top Left, Top Right... etc..

    But if you want to create menu for it in game you should follow MaskedImposter's suggestion

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    @Mugen245: Go

    Try using "number of players < 5" "<= 5" allows it to go to 6, as it increases if it's less than 5 and when it is 5.

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    posted a message on A script logic error occured: invalid mainState

    @FunBotan: Go

    Did you figure it out? Having this same problem on my map and dont know how to fix it! Would appriciate help on how to fix it ;(

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