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    posted a message on Launch missiles to many targets

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    I'd say best way is to use the effect markers. I think there's validator called "No Markers".

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    posted a message on Not enough dialog buttons/dialog images

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    Forget about the screen buttons, they are dumbed-down version of the dialog system for ease of use.

    Look up "dialog" in the action menu, you need the "Create Dialog". Dialog's are the base container that you position your buttons, images and texts. (Theres bunch of actions for dialogs like showing the background, hiding/showing the dialog.)

    When you create a dialog you need to put it into a variable too by using the "Last created dialog". Once you have your dialog you need to use the "Create dialog item (button,image,text)" and create them into your dialog. Then set those individual items into variables as well using the "last created dialog item"

    There's a lot of actions for the dialog item usage, (look into those yourself) for showing the dialog item you need "Show/Hide Dialog Item" action.

    Once you have your dialog items you can detect them in trigger events using the "Dialog Item Is Used" event then in the trigger actions using the "used dialog item" to specify which item was used to trigger the event.

    Hope this helps i'm happy to clarify anything.

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    posted a message on Not enough dialog buttons/dialog images

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    Use "Create Dialog Item" then set them into a variable. At the moment you seem to be using "Screen Buttons" which are very limited in use and cap is 50.

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    posted a message on 'Mods' Folder is missing (Problem Fixed)

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    You have to create the mods folder yourself. There normally is not anything in these folders that's why they are not made.

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    posted a message on Dialog Button Hot Key

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    You need to define them in the UI Layout with this tag; ex. <Shortcut val="Control+H"/>

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    posted a message on Animated picture ?

    @Kloupz: Go In UI editor its possible to do sheet animation, Blizzard do bunch of things with animated images like cooldown display, auto cast for example.

    Main way to get these setup is defining how many columns and the overall animation count in that sheet.

    Then you need to define the texture coordinates that is displayed on the actual image in-game.


     <TextureCoords top="0.0" left="0.0" bottom="0.125" right="0.125"/>

    This looks for these scaled coordinates in your sheet image and displays each "frame" of the animation incrementally for each frame. This one starts from the top left and shows a 1/8 portion of the image, adjust these values to fit your animation frame size.

    Here's bunch of tags directly related to animation images.

            <AnimDuration val="600"/> <!-- Self Explanatory -->
            <AnimColumns val="4"/> <!-- Column count of your animation sheet | | | -->
            <AnimCount val="64"/> <!-- Overall count of the animation frames in your image. -->
            <Animating val="true"/> <!-- Maybe used by the code? -->
            <ManagedAnim val="true"/> <!-- Not sure -->
            <LoopingAnim val="true"/>  <!-- Self explanatory -->

    Here's an example of one cooldown animation.

            <Frame type="Image" name="NormalImage">
                <TextureType val="Normal"/>
                <TextureCoords top="0.0" left="0.0" bottom="0.125" right="0.0625"/>
                <Texture val="@UI/ButtonCooldown"/>
                <AnimColumns val="16"/>
                <AnimCount val="128"/>
                <Animating val="True"/>
                <ManagedAnim val="False"/>
            <!-- I scrapped the non-essentials from this by the way -->


    Hopefully this made sense, i'm happy to help if you have troubles with this. GL!


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    posted a message on Discord: A custom campaign for Starcraft II

    First off i really liked the maps and these are really good so far.

    I played all the maps and will be uploading the gameplay on youtube.

    • 1st Mission - Pretty straightforward micro introduction mission some bugs i noticed on this map. Umojan marine has a no name. Trooper has a Tychus description. Heroes shield armor don't have a name.
    • 2nd Mission - I think the transport path should be displayed in the minimap. I couldn't finish this mission due to path blocking the second transport. I cleared the pathing problem but then the transport went to the end beacon, didn't trigger anything and just stood at the beacon for some time after disappearing.
    • 3rd Mission - This was nice mission but so hard on brutal but i managed to win barely, didn't really notice any bugs here.
    • 4th Mission - I think there should be reminder for the player at some point on the counting down timer, first time i didn't even notice there was timer. This map took me the longest but i really enjoyed playing with warhounds!

    Excited for more! Here's the first mission gameplay, the video cropping will be fixed on 3rd mission. https://goo.gl/uvLZXd

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    posted a message on Spine Crawler selection [SOLVED]

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    In the models data, field

    Art: Selection Layer

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    posted a message on ModelAddition actor scaling on units with scale

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    Make a new model for the addition and scale that model.

    Edit: Data field "Accepted Property Transfers" has scale that might also fix it i am not sure tough

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    posted a message on Bosses With 0 Triggering Fun Or SHIT?

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    That's so cool. I think it could work but any terrain would mess up the kiting, and the fight couldn't last very long due to the kiting going 1 direction.

    This would be nice for a like mini boss fight or like a special unit in the map

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    posted a message on Actor Dump Messages

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    I tried the examples and none worked for me, maybe it's bugged or disabled. Also, the top comment in the site you linked is about actor dumps not working

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    posted a message on Feedback on my terrain

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    Pictures! I looked at it and it was pretty nice looking, but upload some pictures for people. esp since its only uploaded on EU

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    posted a message on Extra data and map switching.

    Hey! I have some questions.

    What is the new "Extra Data" in Data -> Extra Data.

    The default directory when you start adding extra data is Starcraft Maps folder, so could you do map switching with this in arcade?

    If so how would you get Map Path for the map switch, i tried to print out the map string of a arcade map but it's just a blank string.

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    posted a message on Player's Name Condition Check

    @WesMan00: Go

    You need their ingame handle. The developer of Starcrafts mod made a map for people to get their SC2 handle

    Here is a link to that video where he explains it.

    Edit: Oh and once you have their handle you can loop through every player in the game and compare their handle and see if matches to the ones you have stored in your map

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    posted a message on UI Animation problem

    @Ahli634: Go

    Alright, thank you for the fast answer.

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