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    posted a message on Data Editor needed for TPS Paintballing Map. (Also Terrain Editor)
    Quote from silentnight1990 >>

    General Information

    Simply, I am looking for a guy who is.

    • Active and available.
    • Interested in working hard and cooperating to accomplish a solid map.
    • Preferably on the NA realm to make testing easier. (Not Required)

    Current Map State

    The map itself was started quite a long time ago (I believe back in December of 2010) and made steady progress on it up until I hit a snag in the data with getting the Paintballs to work properly after I moved the Tracepoint engine to a better system. I have recently gotten the interest to take another crack at this and finally finish this project.

    Currently, the game has a few different game modes, 4 different playable characters, a solid terrain(Always looking for a better terrain designer), multiple weapons, a shop with a few available upgrades, items, etc, along with many other features, with more to come via suggestion and creation.

    Why Need Data Editor?

    I have found through my valiant attempts at learning the data editor, that I fail horribly at it. And being at the interest I am at always bringing quality work to the community when it comes to map making, I would like to have the data portion of the project to be top notch. Everythign from creating simple items that allow you to heal, to any sort of complex ability that we feel necessary to implement. As well as having another person for input, ability to compare notes, ideas, and generally expand the project as a whole is always good for the growth of the project.

    Questions or concerns? Contact Me. Interested in helping? Contact Me.

    Contact me either via this thread, PM, or Ingame Silent Code: 458

     You Can Try Paintbally Guide Section for you data editor needs i think they have one.

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