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    Hello. I took over a map a while ago called Dark Deeds. It however, is far beyond me now. I no longer play SC2. I have however received quite a few people asking about the map and when it will be updated.

    I am looking to pay somebody (or somebodies) to give the map a complete overhaul. Not looking to break the bank, but I am not looking for people to do this for free either, as I understand these things take time and energy.

    If you're interested in helping me out, feel free to post here or email me.


    What I am looking for ultimately:
    *No bugs
    *Better tutorial
    *Completely new loading page

    *Removal of a big evil completely
    *Addition of a big evil
    *Addition of a hero
    *New map
    *New content

    In addition to the meager amount of money I can offer you, I can also assure that this map goes back to the top, as it was quite popular.

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    I've spent several weeks fixing a map that a friend of mine made before he passed away. There are however a few things left that I need to do and can't seem to figure it out. Anybody experienced will be able to do it in a heartbeat, I however... am not completely up to the task. This was a fairly popular map, and will be again once it's fixed. I'll give full credit to anybody that wants to help. The map name is Dark Deeds 2.

    All that's left is:


    1 - A seemingly encoded trigger that selects a unit randomly I need to remove one of the possible units. I can't seem to figure out how.


    2 - Bank file saving (or achievements maybe?). The game tells you that you have a score at the end of the game, but it only partially saves/loads the next time you play. Very confusing. It seems to reward you for playing, but not for anything actually done in game.

    Furthermore I would like to actually update the map, but I am not skilled enough to do so. Anybody that wants to help would get full credit. This was a fairly popular game before it stopped working.

    The link to the trigger script is here (You will need to open with Notepad++):

    The unit I'm looking to remove is called "Pit Lord"

    The end game stuff that doesn't seem to update is called DDScore, it will add 3 every time you play... but it doesn't seem to be adding anything else. (It should add score based on win/loss, achievements, and easter eggs)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Edited original post with said info.

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    So a map I have grown to love throughout the years has been completely broken by the LotV release.

    I have been in contact with the mapmaker, and he has stopped updating the project. He claims he no longer even has access to it, nor is SC2 even a part of his life anymore.

    I want to either have the map completely remade... or have the old one reworked until it works as intended again... but have no idea where to begin. If somebody else were willing to undertake this project, or walk me through it... I would love them forever.

    The map is called Dark Deeds, and is a favorite of mine (and many other players) since WC3. I would like to work closely with whoever picks up the project. There's quite a community for the game, but it's dying without the continuing development of the map.

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