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    Update: After 2 months and after i contacted support, i finally managed to get my project approved... apparently both - SC2Map file and RAR archive won't get through processing state and is invisible to staff. The moment i uploaded ZIP archive with map, it was set to 'review state' within seconds and approved just minutes later.


    It's quite old thread, but still - thx for suggestions & thx to support for helping me solve this.

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    I'd like to ask for some feedback on one of my first public story projects i work on - 'Foster Clan Campaign: Chapter 1- New Hope'

    Since people that are approving maps here decided to ignore my uploads for some reason :(, you can easily find the map ingame arcade when you search for 'foster'.


    Note that i'm very new to editor, spent past few weeks figuring out all the work with triggers, data, cinematics... and while this is not some innovative mindblowing map, i believe it is at least 'enjoyable to play'. I started working on this project simply for a friend, to make sort of funny story to it and slowly fell in love with it. I want to continue with creating story campaigns & improve my galaxy editor skills and i decided to give this feedback thread a try.


    Something about story:

    Terran-only story campaign, of which i intend to make 3 chapters:


    This is the story about 'Foster clan' - clan of alcoholics. Unforunately their home planet is all out of beer! For past few years, foster clan is desperately trying to acquire some beer, without any success. But today, foster clan captured unknown signal which is believed to lead to ancient beer recipe. But it won't be so easy - planet is occupied by other clan as well, clan that is happy about no-beer situation - for Foster clan known as 'Teetotallers' - and they will do everything in their power to keep their planet 'clean'. Take control of Foster Clan and help them acquire some beer!


    You may find some more info in ingame description & loading screen.

    I'm also sorry in case of any grammar errors, as english is my second language. 


    Thanks for any potential feedbacks & testers :)

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    Thanks for checking it out and for feedback! I did not expect full gameplay video, it was extremely helpful (and entertaining) 25 minutes to watch. I will definitely try improving my map with your suggestions, like tooltip for hideout and other details. Also i should make timer window a bit bigger as well :D


    About game lenght, i don't really aim for specific lenght of mission, i'll just see what i end up with during testing. Like i'm currently working on second chapter and that turns out to be at least 40 minutes long. 


    I'm glad you enjoyed the map :)

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