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    Hello, I'm a newbie who's running off of whatever tutorials they can find and I'm trying to make an ability where Fenix charges forward in the target direction and damaging whatever unit he comes in contact with and stopping, basically an identical copy of Blaze's jet propulsion ability from heroes of the storm. I tried looking for any existing guides/threads but I can't find one. 


    I posted the map below and I'm using a launch missile effect with Fenix as the ammo and a create persistent effect, basically copying off of this video. On launch a search effect is activated via behavior and if the Fenix missile touches anything it activates a remove behavior effect. I'm assuming the create persistent is what continuously pushes the Fenix missile forward although I don't know how to set up a destroy persistent to stop him once the behavior is removed.



    Is there also a way to make the ability also not phase through walls?


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