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    So, as I've seen across google many of times, my problem is when making a map person joining the game is assigned "Player#" and if this player moves positions he is still holding the same variable he had assigned to him upon entering. Somehow, my friend and I making a map together did figure a way out to get the teams to work correctly. If two people in the lobby are on the same team they will stay on the same team when the game launches. However, the spawn location does not work correctly. I've read many tutorials on this site and elsewhere, but still can't seem to figure it out. I always run into a problem, usually when someone in their tutorial doesn't elaborate on a trigger or variable. I've been at this for collectively probably 2 full days, and I can't get it to work. Can someone PLEASE help me step by step set my triggers to place players in their proper start locations! The game is a 4 team 2 people to a team map and the start locations have to be exact. Team 1 needs to have both players start right next to each other and so on. Instead of this happening, if someone moves to a different slot in lobby, they will spawn next to an enemy and all the start locations copy this problem. Again I know their are tutorials on this site for this exact problem but I can't seem to get any of them to play out correctly. One tutorial simply said view the picture below, and the picture no longer exists. Another tutorial used an array, and stated to declare the array as 4,2. I sort of understand arrays and I understand why he would say 4,2 (4 teams each containing 2 players) however in this map editor I don't understand how to set that array. So please, if you know how to do this and can help me start to finish correctly set up this start location trigger/s I would highly highly appreciate your help. Thank you in advanced.

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