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    Cool! Please make more vids if you can, the more vids people make the more people find out about the project :)


    I read your description, I suggest you keep on playing on hard, as my hard is sort of the same as the brutal difficulty on the campaign.

    I always felt like the difficulties in the campaign was too easy and there I've boosted them up. Brutal is aimed for those playing at Gold-Diamond rank, for the whole team.


    Like I've had reviews saying it's too easy and some complain it's too hard, so it's hard to find a balance that fits everyone.

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     Wings of Liberty Coop


    With the release of Starcraft II: Free, replay the Wings of Liberty campaign with two of your friends. Fight both the Zerg and the Protoss while trying to find the mysterious pieces of the Xel'Naga artifact.



    • Three Player cooperative gameplay
    • Four Different difficulties (Casual, Normal, Hard, Brutal)
    • Extended bases (No shared control of units)
    • Banking system to allow players to use the research lab and purchase tech
    • Each player have their own mercenaries
    • Additional Research added
    • More mercenaries to fight the battles for you
    • New tech upgrades

    Can be found on the EU and US servers.

    Search for Wings of Liberty Coop or Coop

    I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did making it :)


    I couldn't upload any more screenshots, but you can find more over at Hiveworkshop:


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    Going to bump this a bit too. I've got it to work with playing the textures on an actor (the mar sara briefing screen). However, is there any way of playing it in fullscreen mode? I noticed that dialogs can have actors too, but did not get it to work. Can anyone see if they can get it to work, since the dialogs have an option for fullscreen mode.

    Thanks in advance :)

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    The Warhound update was posted on 31th mars. So it has to be in the game now. Kinda like how the Goblin Tinker became a hero for the Tavern in Warcraft 3.

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    @sc2aaa: Go

    Yeah I looked at the trigger editor, doesn't seem to be any function for that.. So your only thing would be to keep track of all items' count with triggers, so that when you purchase an item, you set it's custom value to the default item count of that item.

    Then when you use the item, you reduce the custom value of it by 1. Or when you want to merge an item, you take it's custom value and add it to the item being merged with and set the stack count to the custom value..

    A bit overly complicated for a simple thing =/

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    Bumpelibump. Anyone managed to get a player to spawn as another race than Zerg?

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    Bump, anyone? :)

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    Quote from Taintedwisp: Go

    @MatTaNg: Go

    Gotta use Photoshop or gimp and use TGA or .DDS format.

    TGA works for loading screens? Awesome.

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    Quote from Forge_User_60823218: Go

    @LordDz: Go

    Now its not showing up :( This is how i have it set up. If its not a problem can someone please set an action up for me? That would help me out so much.

    You can't have the event "map init" for things that you want to display. Have your init trigger, run another trigger that waits 0.5 seconds, then display your message. Because right now it displays itself just when you start the map.. Which sort of means it displays itself when you're loading the map :P

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    Hi, I have a minor problem. I can setup the armory panel, add units, add videos and costs for all players in a multiplayer map. However.. I can only set the purchase cash to one value for all players ? With the Story - Story set credits(integer). Using Player - Modify Properties Credits doesn't seem to have any effect.

    Can I change the Story - Story set credits to affect all players somehow? Would be nice instead of having to do ugly hacks on it.

    Same thing for the research panel, it seems kinda weird that Blizzard added support for adding items to different players but I can only have one credits value?

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    @IKill11: Go

    Use UI - Text Message. It should remove itself after some time.

    EDIT: If you want to set it to a specific time, and with/without sound try using UI - Show Cinematic Text.

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    So I was bored one day and a bit hangover.. So I thought, hey why not dust off my World Editor skills and jump into the Starcraft Editor. (I have made a simple map in it before)..

    So, I thought, hey I've always wanted to play Starcraft in Co-op, it's perfect for it!

    Starcraft Coop Alpha


    • Wings of Liberty campaign changed so that three players can play through it together.
    • All maps are changed so that all players can watch the transmissions inside, the tooltips work, they all get units, etc
    • 4 difficulties
    • More events, more units, harder gameplay overall
    • Banks save your credits($) over maps and the achievements give you credits ($)
    • Modified AI attack waves to prove more of a threat


    Casual: Even a sleeping dog could roll at the keyboard and win this, all enemy units have 50% health. Normal: A few added units, it's still very easy. Hard: The recommended difficulty, more added units, more attack waves, more events, etc Brutal: Higher Brutal than the normal Wings of Liberty, recommended for very good players "Insane": All maps allow the players to change their handicap..

    Anyhow, you're here for the pictures right? So shall it be!


    Raynor's Raiders and Mercenaries in Mar Sara Added units on Hard and Brutal I must say it's a bit harder in every difficulty when you can't just select every unit and A - move.. You have two other players that can do whatever they want, when you're busy dying to Firebats.


    Base for three, who steals the gas first? Base for three, who steals the gas first? Heavily fortified Dominion Base (Brutal difficulty) Heavily fortified Dominion Base (Brutal difficulty)

    Zero Hour

    So I heard you like Ultralisks, so I gave you two. And Banelings, lots of them. Quiet before the Storm, the AI waves have been modified, so expect your bridge bunkers to go down quite quickly.

    The Evacuation

    Calm before the Swarm Mobile force or Bunkers, or nothing? It's up to you.

    Smash and Grab PvP

    This one doesn't justify itself with pictures alone, I've given control of the Terran, Zerg and two protoss players. Then it's up to the protoss to try to defend the artifact from the zerg and terran for as long as they can. The faster the terran or zerg is, the more money they get. The longer the Tal'darim defend, the more money they will keep.

    Terran Base before the race begins

    I'm uploading the maps as I type this, so if you want to try it out please do. I'm eager to fix all the bugs and whatnot that always manages to find their way up when I release something ;)

    EDIT 1: Blizzard's Lobby is more buggy than I thought, setting handicap to 100% apparently.. sets it to 50%...?

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    posted a message on SCV/Drone auto harvest/gather minerals/gas problem: SOLVED

    Use unit - Issue order. Then change the order to Issue order to target unit, click on the ( to change it. Then select one worker with it and set the ability to gather and the target as one of the refineries.

    Repeat for each worker.

    Sure you could do fancy stuff as make it a group order, but this works too.

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    @Darttagman: Go

    Have a Global variable with unit-type, set it's default value to Marine or whatever you want. Have a trigger looping on forever spawning said unit-type.

    Then have another trigger that is activated when an ability is used, in this time, your ability. Then just change the global variable unit-type to the unit you want to spawn instead.

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    Quote from xxxDisturbedxxx: Go

    not sure how but its working now..

    Is an english title names allowed in the Chinese Starcraft version?

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