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    oohhh, well, useless post :x Sorry !

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    I have extracted all the maps of the Campaign and the Challenge, I think it could be very useful for mapper !

    There is a lot of things to learn, you can remake a map (I have adapted the maps : 'In the bowels of the beast' for 2 player :D), or you can take part of the map and put it in yours :) or just found idea or how to :)

    When you open the map, don't be scared : It's a mess, but in fact, it's tidy.

    Very usefull to see how Blizzard have made the Maps, really.

    Download link : http://dl.free.fr/iBHXy3OK7/Maps.rar

    ps : Sorry for my weak english, if someone want to correct me, go ! :D

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    @CEMEHbl4: Go

    If you want to make it work in multi, u must send your own base.SC2Assets modifier to your friend, no other way for the moment :s

    Format supported : .tga & .dds :)

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    Edit by vjeux: Here is the good way to add a custom loading screen:

    Quote from Skizot:
    • 1. click the import button (looks like a new file with a down arrow on it (third from last icon at the top)
    • 2. right click in the white area on the left
    • 3. import files
    • 4. find your .TGA or .DDS
    • 5. click okay
    • 7. close the import tool.
    • 8. map > map loading screen...
    • 9. set the "type" radio button to custom.
    • 10. click the browse button and find your image.
    • 11. set the "image scaling" drop down to whatever you prefer.
    • 12. DONE.

    If you want to override the default loading screen, read the following.


    In this tutorial, I will explain you, How to set a Custom LoadingScreen.

    First, you must have MPQ Editor (Last version : http://www.zezula.net/en/mpq/download.html) Then, have an Picture Editor (yes yes, I speak english very good :P ... well hmmm.) like photoshop (I use it !).

    Now, find a picture :D Like this : http://s2.noelshack.com/upload/7528058038908_wall.jpg

    Open with Photoshop (Or your own software of picture edit), Save as > LoadScreen.tga (The extension is very important)

    And put it on the desk.

    Now, we will integrate the File in the MPQ, for this, Go to your Intall Directory > C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II bĂȘta\Mods\Liberty.SC2Mod (For my part) and open with MPQ Editor : base.SC2Assets

    Press Ctrl+A and select your loadscreen.tga, save & close.

    Launch Sc2 Editor > Map > Screen loading of the map (I have the french version, don't know how it's spell in English :s) > Browse and FINNALY select your picture !

    Only problem : Only Work on your computer :D So ... Enjoy \o/

    If someone can correct all my fault (I am sorry for my (very) weak english ') i will give him a kiss :3

    Have fun and don't Forget : http://www.sc2mapster.com/maps/amidias-temple/ :D


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