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    posted a message on How do I add my own music (song) created using the Starcraft 2 editor with a trigger so that only the music imported?

    ENGLISH: He needs a consistent instruction to create game music at the beginning of the game. I've just made a trigger that does not work for me personally, all according to this scheme. Maybe I'm a fool maybe not, but the main thing is that I do not know how to do this and how you can create this trigger with playing a sound, say a full instruction on creating a music trigger with your own music.Complete sequence. The trigger is needed for the Skirmish or Company mode, I think the trigger is the only one that makes playing a sound or a melody selected through the game editor.Complete instructions are needed to add a trigger with music or to cheat the game by running just a sound file, and there will lie OGG-Music instead of sound.

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