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    Looking at the Slavery Campaign Depends on the Mass Recall Campaign and Why
    That slavery campaign is also a campaign made into a novel.
    Isn't there a campaign that connects Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm?
    It's a story about the two years of emptiness that makes Kerrigan return to a human state as a relic and connects the day and the war.
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    flash points:starting multiple Is there no gay to make?


    Maybe Goim isn't exhausted?

    Star campaign Gonui ham like this well

    It's a good time for the buyer to do the book


    Furasshu pointo The content can only be as follows

    She successfully turned the sword queen into Kerrigan.

    Escape from Zerg, who lost his leader on the planet of the car

    .Get on the escaped special transport ship and take the Valyrian ship.

    The Valyrian lost half of its battle cruisers

    He didn't follow orders from his father, lost a lot of them, lost two ships.
    Lost and chased by father Mensk

    I've taken a few dimensionals, and I've been following you.

    Find the sensors hidden in the cruiser. Buggo, the deadman's escape from the harbor

    The cruiser hid the garbage dumps.

    I'll meet you and tell you about Kerrigan, and I'll tell you about the bounty on the mercenaries.

    Walk through the asteroid belt, the valley of deat

    It's a Prometheus base.
    throw away the feast with Dr. Narud.

    Dr. Narud stabbed and ran away and knew Menck hybrids existed and kept building them in the facility.


    The Kerrigan Narrator's got the Marines and the common people's brains smoothed ou

    Balian again suggested the first base of the county court, the protection order of the U-Moza.

    And the content is over

    n the middle of the day, when he was a former union with Kerrigan Menck Rainer, Jack was a Matt Horner, and he rented a transport ship from there.


    I went to a facility suffering from a ghost project, found two scientists, set up a bomb, and destroyed the facility.


    I think I'll be better at 8 or 9 missions. What do you think?


    And I can't speak English like a beggar, so I turn the translator around.


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