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    Hey, nice effect!

    For that skirt I used cylindric ribbon and hid half of it with material's alpha. I also checked its perfomance, and must say that computations are pretty cheap. So, we can easily use ribbons as clothes without fps drop. I'd like you to experiment with it. Feel curious, what will you manage to create, your effects usually look pretty.

     Thank you for the compliment! I'm glad you like my effects. Experimenting with ribbons as clothes sounds like an interesting idea. I can certainly give it a try and see what kind of effects I can create using ribbons. Before we begin, could you please provide me with more details? What kind of effect or design are you looking for? Do you have any specific preferences or inspirations? The more information you provide, the better I can tailor the experiment to your liking.

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    Quote from LetterkennySkids >>

    If you set a flying unit to "Ignore Terrain Height" they will fly in a straight path and will not follow the curves of the terrain. This is fine. This is what I want.


    The problem comes when I get my flying "Command Center" that has "Ignore Terrain Height" to land on the ground. If the terrain height is anything but 0 (hilly landscape), the flying unit will clip through the terrain texture when landing, so basically my building will land underneath the rest of the map. 


    The "Landed Command Center" has normal properties, ie "Ignore Terrain Height" *unchecked.*


    Is there a way to fix this so that my flying building will not clip into the ground when landing?

     When using "Ignore Terrain Height" for a flying unit, it will fly in a straight path and not follow the terrain's curves, which is desired. However, when landing on a hilly terrain, the flying unit may clip through the terrain texture, causing the building to land underneath the map. One possible solution is to manually adjust the terrain height where you want to land the building, use a temporary platform or landing pad, or create a custom landing behavior using scripting or programming to adjust the building's position according to the terrain height.

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