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    Hello all, just noticed there is no builders/fighters map for modern LOTV. The current builders and fighters maps appear to be buggy and old (from 2010), terrain is boring, etc.


    I'd like to see a new builders and fighters map made. make the terrain more ladder style, to make things competitive rather then simply massing units and a-moving.


    For those that dont know what builders and fighters is typically there are 2 teams. On each team there is at least 1 builder and 1 fighter.

    The builders have there own area where they cannot be attacked thats separate from the map, they basically macro and send units to a beacon of sorts which then transfers/spawns the units for the fighters to fight with. Give each fighter a big photon cannon with alot of HP, kill eachothers cannons to win.


    Something like this seems fairly simple and could probably be thrown together fairly quickly by some of you pro mappers. I think it could be popular because its similar to direct strike in a way, except you also have people micro'ing, also its a way for people to practice there macro/build orders as well.

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