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    @LordAbyss: Go

    Also, WoW bosses cannot be translated 1-to-1 on Starcraft 2 because this would mean recreating like 100 different spells in the editor, all the aggro mechanism ... This is a huge task.

    Therefore people will have to find workarounds in order to make the fight interesting without all that depth. Therefore this will NOT be the same fight, it'll have to be adapted :)

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    posted a message on Making SC2mapster contests more casual friendly?

    I want the contests to be casual friendly. We usually add restrictions like a maximum map size for minigame, a maximum length for cinematic ... When I create the rules I have in mind that it requires an average of 8 hours to make a viable entry.

    If you can't invest 8 hours in 10 days then I am sorry, the contest is not really targeted at you :(

    • If you make it last 2 weeks, people are not going to do anything for the first week. So that's really a bad option.
    • In under 8 hours of work, it's really hard to have something that looks decent. In order to be fair to everyone you would have to impose a lot of constraints on what they can do, which is not the goal of the contests. I want it to be a way to innovate, find new crazy ideas that you wouldn't have done.
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    posted a message on Copyrights and Blizzard

    It is not allowed but tolerated :)

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    Quote from zeldarules28: Go

    Can it be 1 unit vs the boss instead of an army? It will be cool if it has like 5 stages and all sorts of other stuff.

    • Can be 1, 5, 10 units vs the boss.
    • The boss can have 1, 2, 10 phases.
    • You can do it solo / in team

    Basically as soon as it's a scripted boss it'll be accepted :)

    Quote from dra6o0n: Go

    Nice music should be considered, but knowing blizzard, you can't just drop any music in...

    The contest does not fall into Blizzard rules, so you can add any cool music you want in :) However if you release the map after, you'd better remove it :)

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    posted a message on Amnesia: the Dark Descent (Scariest game EVER)

    The trailer looks really boring. Who wants to play a game where you have to run and stay hidden for hours?

    And the game is really ugly :(

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    posted a message on [Contest] WoW Boss

    This contest is about gameplay! I've seen a lot of maps that are based on the concept of "Heroes against waves of enemies". This is a viable solution but sadly most of the monsters are basic. We are going to explore a way to make your map a lot better: creating Bosses!

    What to do?

    What you have to give

    • You have to provide a youtube video. If you can't record, post the map and find someone to do it for you
    • You have to attach the map used to take the video


    If you don't understand what the contest is about, just look at that Thaddius fight made by rrowland.


    You have 10 days to complete this contest.

    • End of the submissions: Monday, October 4th - Midnight PDT (Los Angeles) [Tuesday, October 5th - 9 AM GMT (Paris)] Friday, October 1st - Midnight PDT (Los Angeles) [Saturday, October 2nd - 9 AM GMT (Paris)]
    • A public vote will be held after the end of the submissions to decide who wins.


    The main goal of the contest is to further community development within GalaxyEdit. The rewards can be see as follows:

    • First: 1-year Curse Premium
    • Second: 6-month Curse Premium
    • Third: 3-month Curse Premium
    • Everyone else: 1-month Curse Premium

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    posted a message on [Release] Special Forces: Elite

    Ok I found a way to beat it :)

    • Put yourself in a position where you kill all the incoming monsters without a problem.
    • Watch a movie
    • Come back and have like 200k gold
    • Make yourself an army
    • OWNNNN the map :)
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    posted a message on www.sc2vod.eu - Where to find VODs!

    Do you have any Custom Maps VOD?

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    posted a message on [Contest] Epic Battle Vote

    Results :)

    1. Epic Battle by Eiviyn - 33 Votes
    2. Revenge of the Tal'darim by wachoo86 - 19 Votes
    3. Lights In the Fog by Crainy - 13 Votes
    4. Zerged by Victiln - 9 Votes
    5. Mapster Epic Cinematic by LordAbyss - 6 Votes
    6. Epic Battle by cameroni101 - 5 Votes
    7. Super Epic Battle by Victiln - 4 Votes
    8. The Arena by rougelike - 2 Votes
    9. Epic Battle by Introversity - 1 Vote
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    posted a message on Timer periodic event lagging on some computers

    That's because of the Trigger Debug Window. Everytime a new line is added, the whole log is being refreshed. When there are thousands of lines it takes some time, and therefore freezes the game.

    When you click the Menu the game is paused, so the log doesn't get updated anymore, and you gain back your normal fps :)

    A while loop and recursive trigger does not print any line everytime they get executed

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    posted a message on Can EU play US custom maps (Vice-versa)?
    Quote from Xenosteel: Go
    • I heard Blizzard is going to do something about cross-realms, is this true?

    Not from what I'm aware of.

    Quote from Xenosteel: Go

    I submitted a map here. Where do I select the region for my map? (I'm in EU)

    Submitting a map on mapster (I suppose here is mapster) does not do anything. You have to publish it through Battle.net (In your Editor: Publish) in order for your map to be played. Then it'll be tied to the region you are in, EU in this case.

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    posted a message on Patch 1.1 is coming [ September 21. ]

    Anyway, from what I know the trigger part of the editor is going to get improved. Don't really know how though. Probably a lot of bug fixes and small improvement coming along too :)

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    posted a message on Getting map played

    As the people said, make some vids and talk about your map. However on Battle.net, here are some keys

    • Make it low numbers of player, 4 or 6
    • Make it last no more than 10 minutes
    • Find a way to make it replayable: different heroes, different items ...

    Once you have a map that fits best the popularity scheme.

    Bump it!

    • During 12 consecutive hours during the night
      • Create a game
      • Launch the map
      • Stay 5 min and 1 second
      • Leave
      • Restart the process

    This will give you about 150 popularity + the players that will test it you should be around 300. The first maps during the night are at 600 so you basically are on first page on the morning.

    Then you just have to wait for people to play the map. If that stays on page 1-2 then your map was good. If not, you have to work more on it and retry later on :)

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    posted a message on What would you like to see in a TD Map?

    geX the creator of Andromeda made a Bachelor Thesis on Tower Defenses. That's a really interesting 100-page write up and could give you ideas for your TD!

    Bachelor's Thesis about YouTD ("Open Innovation in Game Design Using the Example of a Warcraft 3 Tower Defense")

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