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    posted a message on New - so about Blizzcon's ghost map, how hard is this in practice? :)

    There is already a scripting API available. You can read the documentation here : http://www.sc2mapster.com/api-docs/functions/

    However, they added only the strict minimum for the AI to work. Therefore you are really limited.

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    posted a message on [XML] Heros - Level and XP

    Yesterday on the irc channel Hati, Alevice, JademusSreg and nicoli_s have been talking about how to make heroes that have xp and levels. Hati found out a working solution that I present here.

    <!-- BehaviorData.xml -->
    	<CBehaviorVeterancy id="ArchonLevelStatus">
    		<VeterancyLevelArray MinVeterancyXP="100"/> <!-- Level 1 -->
    		<VeterancyLevelArray MinVeterancyXP="300"/> <!-- Level 2 -->
    		<VeterancyLevelArray MinVeterancyXP="600"/> <!-- Level 3 -->
    		<VeterancyLevelArray MinVeterancyXP="1000"/> <!-- Level 4 -->
    		<XPFraction index="Kills" value="1.5"/> <!-- Kill gives *1.5 XP -->
    <!-- UnitData.xml -->
    <!-- Hero -->
            <!-- Gives an icon in the top right of the screen -->
            <FlagArray index="Hero" value="1"/>
           <!-- Set the different levels -->
           <BehaviorArray Link="ArchonLevelStatus" />
    <!-- Units giving XP -->
            <KillXP value="50"/> <!-- Number of XP given when killing the unit -->
            <!-- The following are unknown -->
            <DamageDealtXP value="1"/>
            <DamageTakenXP value="1"/>

    Use the attached files with the Tutorial to reproduce the demo. Look for <!- - Change - -> for modified values.


    We don't know yet how to do anything with the levels. If you can find how to add/edit spells when leveling that would be really nice.

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    posted a message on How To - Giving resources

    Really nice. Thanks for the tip

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    posted a message on Various Findings
    Unit Aggressivity

    In the UnitData.xml file you can set the aggressivity of a unit with:

    <DefaultAcquireLevel value="Defensive"/>
    • Offensive: Attack on sight
    • Defensive: Flee when attacked
    • Passive: Attacked when attacked
    • None: Don't move?
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    posted a message on Help with Tutorial

    Download Mirc ( http://www.mirc.com/ ). Hmm, don't you have any custom AI files or things like that in your SC2 installation folder? It may be the cause of all your troubles.

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    posted a message on Help with Tutorial

    Can you drop by the IRC irc.freenode.net at #SC2Mapster Will be easier to find out the issue.

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    posted a message on Help with Tutorial

    What version (language) of the game are you using?

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    posted a message on Items and Heroes

    When you set the Hero flag, it gives you an icon in the bottom right part of the screen ( http://www.wc3c.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=48428&stc=1&d=1269449460 )

    Also, it seems to be possible to display a Level XP bar. ( http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1047844/Screenshot002.jpg )

    Those informations are taken from a thread of wc3c.net : http://www.wc3c.net/showthread.php?t=109187

    Haven't had the time to look into these settings yet.

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    posted a message on Micro Defense

    Enemy left = 56! Woot :P

    Thanks for the map, it's really fun :)

    Going to test the new version.

    Edit: You must be korean (or me a big noob), can't finish the map :P

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    posted a message on Micro Defense

    All the somewhat active mapping forums: Official forums, DarkBlizz, Unconfesional Design, Nibbits, TheHelper, IncGamers, sc2armory, hiveworkshop, wc3c.net

    I didn't manage to finish the game :P Imo you should ask the user the difficulty -easy -hard ... And spawn more or less units.

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    posted a message on Various Findings

    Sadly, there is a limit in the Sight value. It's about 1/5 of the map. In order to give full vision of the map, you can create an invisible unit that have the maximum sight and place it everywhere around the map.

    <!-- Objects -->
    <Unit position="50,0,0"  player="1" unitType="TDVision" />
    <Unit position="50,50,0" player="1" unitType="TDVision" />
    <Unit position="0,50,0"  player="1" unitType="TDVision" />
    <!-- ... -->
    <!-- UnitData.xml -->
    <CUnit id="TDVision">
      <Sight value="10000"/>
    Status Bar

    You can change a little the status bar.

    <StatusColors index="Life" EmptyColor="255,0,0,255" />
      Inside StatusColors there is an Array. 
      <ColorArray value="255,208,34,0"/>
      However, since we are inheriting default array and can't reset it ...
      We can't change the ColorArray :x
    <BarWidth value="275"/>
    <BarHeight value="20"/>
    <BarOffset value="10"/>


    Custom Image

    You can insert images into text with StringToText.

    printloc(6, "<img path=\"Assets\\Textures\\sc2galaxy-logo.dds\" />");

    Also, you can change the unit icon in ActorData.xml. It will be green'ed :)

    <UnitIcon value="Assets\Textures\sc2galaxy-logo.dds"/>


    XML Inheritance
    <!-- Create a base class that contains all the common features -->
    	<CUnit id="BaseMonster">
    		<DefaultAcquireLevel value="Defensive"/>
    		<Speed value="2.8125"/>
    		<Acceleration value="2.5"/>
    		<LateralAcceleration value="46.0625"/>
    		<Radius value="0.375"/>
    		<Sight value="1000"/>
    		<InnerRadius value="0.375"/>
    		<SeparationRadius value="0.375"/>
    		<MinimapRadius value="0.375"/>
    		<KillDisplay value="Always"/>
    		<AbilArray Link="attack"/>
    		<AbilArray Link="move"/>
    			<LayoutButtons AbilCmd="attack,Execute"/>
    <!-- Then create another virtual unit that defines more attributes -->
    	<CUnit id="BaseGround" parent="BaseMonster">
    		<PlaneArray index="Ground" value="1"/>
    		<Collide index="Ground" value="1"/>
      And now, create a bunch of units that inherit the previous unit.
      Now you just have to set the special values. It makes unit creation really easy
    	<CUnit id="Drone" parent="BaseGround">
    		<LifeStart value="15"/>
    		<LifeMax value="15"/>
    		<WeaponArray Link="Drone"/>
    		<BehaviorArray Link="DropCoin50"/>
    	<CUnit id="Zergling" parent="BaseGround">
    		<LifeStart value="50"/>
    		<LifeMax value="50"/>
    		<WeaponArray Link="Zergling"/>
    		<BehaviorArray Link="DropCoin100"/>
    Creating a new unit from scratch

    Creating a new unit from scratch in the XML files is a tedious process because there are a lot of hidden dependencies. After hours of work here is the minimal setup to create a new building based off a Pylon.

    <!-- UnitData.xml -->
    	<CUnit id="TDMain">
    		<LifeStart value="200"/>
    		<LifeMax value="200"/>
    		<Food value="200"/>
    		<Footprint value="Footprint4x4DestructibleRockDiagonal"/>
    		<PlaneArray index="Ground" value="1"/>
    		<Collide index="Burrow" value="1"/>
    		<Collide index="Ground" value="1"/>
    		<Collide index="Structure" value="1"/>
    		<BehaviorArray Link="PowerSource"/>
    <!-- ModelData.xml -->
    	<CModel id="TDMain" parent="Pylon" />
    <!-- ActorData.xml -->
    	<CActorUnit id="TDMain" parent="GenericUnitStandard">
    		<Parent value="Pylon" />
      parent="Pylon" does not work, this is really strange.
      You have to parent="GenericUnitStandard" which is the parent of Pylon.
      And you can use <Parent value="Pylon"/> to inherit from the Pylon attributes.
      All those are not working:
      parent="A" parent="B"
      <Parent value="A" /> <Parent value="B" />
      So it seems not possible to have more than a double inheritance
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    posted a message on Tutorial Map - Get started mapping !

    Hmm, got this error too but it still loads the game. That should be alright.

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    posted a message on Micro Defense

    Woow, that's really nice :)

    You really made a fun map off my TD. Could you record a little youtube video and I will make a news about it :)

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    posted a message on Ai League

    At the moment, there is no easy way to make two different AI coexist unfortunatly :(

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    posted a message on Will mods work online?

    You can add every game file inside the map. Custom mods won't be needed, it will be possible to do it directly with normal map files :)

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